Monday, March 7, 2016

He Cheats and Tells Lies!

Good day AVL.. I like what you do here..
Am 21 undergraduate, I met this guy in school an fell in love with him, he is my first love and I can't live without him..
But he cheat and lie, I don't know what to do because I can't skip him out of my mind.

Love is so pure and beautiful that it doesn't associate itself with anything that is not pure, genuine, selfless, sincere, Godly, and beneficial so if anyone professes love to you and he still tells you lies and also sleep around with other girls, please note that he's not talking about the love that will be a blessing to you but one that will rip off your virginity and leave you emptier than when he met you.
And what you feel for him is a strong feelings of infatuation which is why you feel that you cannot live without him. Well life gives everyone the opportunity to experience those feelings to remind us that there is something unique about humanity but the kind of love that you need as a student is not this kind.
You don't need the kind of love that makes you forget about your academics to compete with other girls to keep a man who painfully may leave you as soon as he leaves the school gate.
You don't need the kind of love where you keep asking for explanations to his lies and you are not even certain what he's up to the next second.
You don't need the kind of love that may deposit some sperm inside your body and make you to drop out of school or one that will infect you with some infections and then tell you how you were not like the other lady.
If you can which I believe that you can, forget about him and replace him with your books because you may have need of your books much more than a boyfriend now.
Make healthy friendship and don't forget to develop yourself spiritually, emotionally and financially so that when you are done with your studies, you will not need to be stranded to discover your purpose in life and destiny.

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