Friday, March 4, 2016

Will He be Responsive to my Needs?

Auntie Amara I really need your advice concerning my relationship. Have been with a guy for quite a while, the relationship is defined because we are already thinking of settling down. But there is something am not comfortable with, am a graduate and presently doing my masters, my parents takes care of all my expenses for both the school and others because am presently not working.
The guy am courting is also a graduate and doing his masters but does not have a stable job now. I just feel he is not sensitive to my needs though he is caring in others ways too, he is concerned with things and questions such as have you eaten, are you okay,is something bordering you and I love that about him but he just feels too relaxed knowing that am from a financially okay family.
Have read several books and am of the opinion that a man should not only profess love to a lady but should protect and provide for her. Am not asking for too much because he doesn't have okay job but you mustn't have millions before you give your lady something. Have come of age and my parents will definitely feel am in a relationship so I feel awkward having to ask them for everything. Just little sense of responsibility from the guy means a lot to me.
Literally, I'll appreciate even if I needed N500 and he doesn't have it all and offers N100, not the money that matters but the fact that he made attempt means so much to me. Am just so concerned because would he have sense of responsibility towards his family when we eventually get married? But one thing is very such we love each other so much.

When you are courting your partner, it's not a time for pretence but a time to say things the way you feel them and be as honest and respectful as possible.
First, encourage him to read this article as though you were not the one that wrote it and ask him what his advice would be if the lady approached you for an advise.
His opinion is very key to understanding his perception and personality with respect to how he would relate to your needs.
From his response you can take things up from there and let him know how you feel and why you are not comfortable with such attitude. A man who gives will always give even when he has nothing but a man who doesn't give will never give no matter how much he may have.
This is not the time to be afraid to let him know what you feel or ask for some clarifications because this gives birth to the realities of your individual attributes and attitude.
You can also be an example by surprising him once in a while and letting him know that you don't only love him but also think about his happiness.
I believe that he would make amends when he realises how much you desire to be appreciated by him.

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