Sunday, April 24, 2016

Am in Pains!

Good evening aunt... Please I need your advice on this issue. Am a 27 years old lady, have been in a relationship for two years now, was going smoothly. It all started last year, I notice the love is no longer there, his behaviours changed, I was now the one forcing myself on him cos I love him.
He talked to me rudely, he said we were going to get married, now he is changing his mind, he told me he is not ready, he even told me he did not promise any marriage that nobody is holding each other, have been through a lot just to make our relationship a success...
For days he won't call, I will be the one calling and chatting. Am in pains, don't know what to do, please ma I need your advise on how to go about this.

Stop investing your emotions on a man whose heart is somewhere else and who doesn't have any respect for your emotions and personality.
In a relationship, you may experience beautiful season and unpalatable season but when your partner no longer make any effort or commitment to make the relationship work out, it's time to consider breaking off from the relationship and avoid torturing yourself emotionally.
To help yourself, make out time to sit down with him and discuss about the future of the relationship, if he's no longer interested in continuing with you, and he doesn't have any future with you, then it's wise to move on and forget about how many years you spent with him or all you invested to make the relationship work.
Ultimately what matters is that you end up with a partner who is part of your happiness, peace of mind, fulfilment, joy and gratitude and not part of your pains, misery and emotional torture.
You don't need to beg for love or force yourself on him and expect to be happy with him, that will be demanding for the impossible.

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