Monday, April 25, 2016

He's Against my Convictions!

Good day ma, I have been a good follower of your platform and I have learnt a lot but ma I have a question .
I met a man currently in his early 30's and am in my mid 20's. During our discussion we shared about personal values, morals, temperament traits, love languages and many more. But according to him, his previous relationships were "horrible" likewise mine too. At least am a victim too but he is now taking it out on me, through the way he relates with me. To the extent that he told me that we will have sex before wedding and I told him my stand on it, but he insisted that the sex thing must happen before wedding. Aunty, I just told him that if he wants the wedding to take place, he should remove his mind from having sex before wedding, even to kiss, I told him until when the minister says, 'you can kiss the bride', then he can do it, he refused. He said there must be romance... Hmm Aunty am just confused. He is totally not in terms with my beliefs. Please ma I need your advice on this since emotions are not even involved yet.
Thanks, anticipating for your reply ma.

One thing I can't tell from your mail is whether your partner has totally overcome the pains and the disappointments of his previous relationship. Sometimes many individuals rush into a relationship hoping that it will help them overcome the pains of the past, only for them to indirectly end up inflicting more pains on the new person unknown to them.
Also, a man who has been enjoying romance and sex in his previous relationships may find it difficult to adjust to a no sex, no romance kind of relationship. Some individuals who claim to be faithful to their partner, had another person who was on standby to give them all the emotional support they needed.
While I will never encourage you to consider offering your body as an evidence of your love, you may need to understand where he's coming from and then help him understand your purpose for your decision. Sometimes everything lies in the approach, if you can let him know that this wasn't a way of punishing him or perhaps doubting his love for you but a decision you have made with God to keep your body for him and your husband, he will then have to decide whether to work with your convictions or move on and look for another lady.
In all, please do not compromise on your convictions or allow anyone to push you into making any decision that you may regret for the rest of your life.

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