Saturday, April 16, 2016

Faith is Dividing Us!

God evening, Madam. Please I have a very pressing issue I seriously want you to help me look at. I have known this girl for 3years and have never stopped admiring her. Recently, we got talking and I poured my heart out to her without hesitation. To God's glory, she obliged and we started dating. I told her right from the onset that what I want is a serious relationship that could lead to marriage in a matter of months.

In all honesty, this girl is all I ever desire. Even though we may have our differences sometimes, I feel so strongly that God specifically made her for me. I love her more than the sun loves to shine.

Recently, she started raising issues of Church. That was after I took her to see my Reverend Father. I am a Catholic while she attends Christ Embassy. She has insisted that I must allow her attend her Church once in a while. Initially, I thought it was an issue we could sort out until I started discovering that it isn't as trivial as it seem.

Yesterday, she made it so clear that I must be allowing her attend her church once in a month after our wedding. Then I asked her if someone questions her outside about the faith she practices, what would be her response, and she said she will reply that she is a member of Christ Embassy but a Catholic by marriage. Frankly, as a Public Communicator, I haven't heard something like that before.

Again, I feel so strongly that it won't be proper for couples to be attending different churches. I also feel a woman should be submissive enough to let go of her faith once she is cling to a man. Please I want your opinion on this. Thanks a million.

It's more lovely and beautiful for couples to have a place of worship where both of them get nourished and where their spiritual life is groomed and developed in addition to your family altar which is the most important of them all.
However, not everyone may be comfortable with some places of worship or be willing to let go of their place of worship for yours, so to avoid any future clash of interest and authority in marriage, it's wise to discuss extensively and agree with her on what both of you are comfortable with so that after wedding, both of you will continue with that.
If for example she's not comfortable with your place of worship, you may decide to accommodate her to attend her place of worship or both of you can work out another place of worship where you and your partner is comfortable and happy with.
If she cannot make amends and you cannot shift grounds for the sake of your church, then you may need to move on with your life and avoid the impending danger of trying to force her to worship where her spirit and soul isn't comfortable with.
Granted that the man is the spiritual authority of the home, you must also work with a partner who is willing to work with you and submit to your spiritual authority and you also need a partner who will not struggle with her own spiritual journey because of marriage. This is because her happiness and peace of mind in your marriage is dependent greatly on her personal relationship with God.
So I will encourage you not to ignore the obvious signs that you are experiencing in your relationship but see this as an opportunity to fine tune and agree on how both of you can serve God without struggling in your marriage.


  1. I will suggest you move on. I doubt if it will really work in the long-term. Love is not enough to make it work. If the philosophy of both churches were similar/compatible,then,you may try to make it work,but in this case,they are so far apart,I doubt if she will really be comfortable with your church. Ideologies are not something you can change with a marriage certificate. Are you even sure she 'agreed' to marry you? Hahahah...... Maybe,she is not a 'really strong member'. Just joking...... #qdDOWNLOAD

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  2. Please, move on. Look for someone who shares the same ideology with you as regard religion.
    Madam Amara have said it all.
    Am a victim of this same issue. I made my stand known to my husband on which he agreed we shift to a neutral church for both of us.
    He didn't stay a month with me on the new church before he returned to Catholic. I also tried joining him there and then I realised, I was becoming a shadow of myself spiritually and I returned to my church too. I intend to continue like this till Jesus come. I don't care what anyone think or says and don't ask me how is it going.

  3. The problem with us most times is understanding the liberality in Christianity. One Jesus Christ, one God and Holy Spirit. The church of Christ is one. I was born a Catholic, my wife Anglican. But now she worships with salvation ministry, and sometimes we attend Catholic together, and at times we attend salvation ministry or other churches. Forget the structures built by men,the real Church is in you, and you have to live it out. My people perish for lack of knowledge. If you say she doesn't believe in God I'll say run; but letting church be an issue among couples shows they're not matured in Christ.


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