Wednesday, April 20, 2016

He Doesn't Care!

Aunt Amara good evening...May God continue to bless you for me, you are indeed a role model to us all.. Aunty, there is this man that is in love with me and I love him too, we have actually dated for three months now. He is 30 years while I'm 25 years but the problem I have with him is that he claims to love me but he doesn't care, nothing about me matters to him at all even if I'm going astray.
Sometimes I would want to test him to know his actions like telling him I'm going to visit another guy and his response would be that I should go that, that's my life and that he can't stop me, I feel so confused and insecure.. He hardly call to know how I'm doing except I call him but whenever I bring up the issue of breaking up with him, he keeps pleading for me not to go.. Sometimes he won't plead he will just say okay no problem, that he is tired of pleading...
He is currently doing his masters and I'm trying so hard to see that he succeeds, I even had to go the extent of bringing materials for him from my school to support his study... Seriously it's as though I'm losing and he is winning, currently I decided I wont give those materials any longer to him to help him out in his masters because he pleaded I help him out with it... Please aunt I need your advice, I want to let him be, please tell me how to go about this... I'm sorry for the long text...You are the best aunt.

Both of you are three months together and you feel exhausted already? Perhaps you are the one that wooed him, and is still the one giving your all to sustain the relationship.
This is the best time to withdraw and allow him to be a man in the relationship, please do not do what he's meant to do and expect that he will do what he ought to do when he already knows that you will always run back to him.
Now decide not to call him or initiate any calls to him but receive his calls whenever he calls and be happy while on the call. Don't complain about anything or make him realise that you are not comfortable with his attitude but simply stop chasing him, and allow him to chase you.
If after three to six weeks of doing this he doesn't improve his communication with you and complain about your cold attitude towards you, then you need no other evidence that he's with another company and as a result may never be interested in you but in what he can gain from you.
If you have any material that you believe will be of help to him, please do not withhold it from him but give it to him so that he can succeed in his programme. No matter how you feel or what you feel about anyone, if you are in a position to help, bless, encourage or sacrifice to add value to the life of another, please do not withhold it from such an individual but do it looking unto God who is faithful and able to reward you for your good heart. 
Give him some space, stop communicating with him and observe his reactions and personality, that will help you to make a better decision on what's best for you in your relationship.


  1. good advice Aunty Amara. Dear, try to abide by it. God bless You

  2. I call it stocking on your fellow human. In just 3 months, you have too many problems, guess you can't last a lifetime. Huh! Nah wahoooo


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