Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Love or Abuse?

Deceit is when you admire other beautiful women who are well put together but lie to your wife that you love her haggard self. You know what you are doing. It's either you don't want to spend money on her or you are too low in self-esteem that you believe she will follow other men once she dresses well or goes out. The very moment she steps out of the house, you become a call center and God save her if she fails to answer her phone. From work you call her and the poor woman was famished and needed some rest, the master quickly concludes that she is with another man. She's not even allowed to give men a handshake.
You monitor her calls and social media pages and she's not allowed to see yours. You are on social media enjoying with her fellow women but ordered her to quit. You are simply a wicked man.
You admire career women and even praise them, but you are not ready to let your wife go. You see other women as better, but you are not ready to let her be herself in her career because she must serve "the master". Other men encourage their wives and help push them into greatness, but you won't set yours free. Your friends are men whose wives are either slaves or women with no vision, as long as they throw money at the woman, she should be happy. Odiegwu.
You started a big business for her and she couldn't run it. Well done sir. Did you try to find out what she loves doing? Why do you think that everyone is cut out for your buying and selling thing? You should let a woman have the final say when it comes to her vision, she's an adult like you.
You probably want her a full time housewife who has no life of her own, all because of your lack of self-confidence.
What you don't know is that when you place your woman very high, it's difficult for men to reach her. When you help her soar, not everything gets her attention. But when you shatter her dreams and keep her idle, she becomes vulnerable to anything. A good number of women are just living in the shadow of their master. They have so much in them for their world, but can't give any out because the "lord" must be obeyed. And you know the funny thing? It's very decent women who often go through this mess. Some even married as virgins but the cassanova they married won't let them be.
Oh Pharoah, let my sisters go! If you go on treating her the way you do because of fear, that which you fear most may come upon you.


  1. That was powerful! #Emotionalabuse

  2. 1daful the worst that can happen to any woman is emotional abuse.


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