Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Do I Bear this Shame?

Good evening ma, thanks for how you've been helping people solve their problem.. I've been an ardent follower in this forum.. I met this guy seven years ago when I was in school and I have visited him when I was in school though I've not been close to him cos we stay in different states..
Recently I visited and we had sex though with protection which was against my will.. I don't know how it happened but I think am pregnant.. I've been calling him to tell him but he's not been picking his calls and he sent text that he will call me back but he hasn't called..
Am so scared cos am not getting younger anymore.. I will be 32 years by May.. I don't know how to bear the shame and what people will think of me if he rejects me .. I already feel bad cos am a disappointment to God (cos I'm a music minister in church).. I need your motherly advice cos am really losing my mind in order not to do something stupid..
Thanks for your time ma.

No matter how messed up the clay maybe, no matter what others perceive of the clay, no matter how broken, shattered or useless the clay maybe, it is never a waste or useless in the hands of the potter.
The potter knows so well what he can rework the clay into and he cherishes the clay irrespective of their errors and limitations.
You are a clay in the hands of God the potter, you can never be a disappointment to him because he knows your personality much more than you think you know yourself. He made you and he can still heal you of your own inadequacies.
Please do not be afraid of anything but God who made you and your baby because someday sometime in your journey, you will stand before him to let him know what you did with all he bestowed in your care.
The first thing for you to do is go for a pregnancy test and confirm whether you are pregnant or not. If the test turns out positive, kindly visit him and inform him of the outcome of the pregnancy test. Whatever he decides should not be your concern but your major concern should be to prepare yourself for the arrival of your baby.
As a minister, you knew better off what was right and since you couldn't keep yourself away from sex, please do not let the opinions of others push you into aborting your baby or let your fears make you do something that will make you feel guilty for the rest of your life.
You may need to withdraw from your church (if you are not comfortable with letting your pastor know about the pregnancy) and relocate to another place where you can settle down and register for an antenatal care and also look forward to experiencing motherhood. Let your family and his family know the truth so that they can support you while you look for a conducive environment to take care of yourself and attend to your needs.
That you are pregnant for him is not a guarantee that he must marry you so that you don't feel humiliated if he doesn't wish to settle down with you. This will be a training ground for you and I know that God will reveal himself to you if you seek him in genuine repentance and sincerity of your heart.
What people think of you is nothing compared to what God think of you and even if everyone else rejects you, you can always count on God who will never forsake or reject you.
Please don't lose your mind but let this be another opportunity to have a solemn moment with God and a moment to seek for God's grace and mercy as you embark on another divine journey of humanity.

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  1. wow this a good advice I wish Ihave known u before.........


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