Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I Don't Like her at All!

Hello aunty Amara good morning .. Please I really need your advice.. There is this girl in our street, I normally went to their shop to buy something. Around 8pm, her mother was beating her mercilessly and she ran to me for help. I don't know what to do. I took her inside my house and went to their shop to plead with her mother to forgive her, so after long begging she accepted.
When I returned back, I asked the girl to go home, she refused, i tried forcing her but she pleaded with me to let her pass the night in my house. So after a long thought, I accepted. So in the night, one thing lead to another we had SEX(choi). After some days she told me that she was pregnant, I accepted the responsibility because I don't want to abandon a women in that condition because my mother narrated to me how she was abandoned by my father when she was pregnant, and I don't want to put any women in that condition..
She is very beautiful, but I don't want to marry her because I don't like her at all.. I have tried to develop any feeling for her but it's not working, I get angry whenever I see her face. I really don't want to commit anymore sin and I don't want to kill an innocent child also...
Please friends advice me on what to do in this matter. Thank you so much.

Bros, how come she became so ugly and repugnant to you after one thing lead to the other and you enjoyed the pudding in her vagina? I mean you wouldn't say that it was an accident because both of you decided to make your night memorable by enjoying the sunshine of your passion for each other so the best thing to do is to first accept the responsibility for your actions and not make it look like she blinded your eyes and manipulated you into having sex with her.
That she's pregnant for you doesn't mean that you must get married to her, however your mail sounds as though you are looking for an excuse to get rid of her and paint her black.
Nothing really has changed, only that she now have a baby growing in her womb which you are responsible and accountable for. Whether you choose to allow her stay in your house or feel that she should go back to her house, you must do everything within your capacity to support and give her all the assistance that she needs to take care of herself and your baby.
If you are genuinely not attracted to her, you are not in love with her and you cannot get married to her, kindly let her and her family know that you don't have any intentions to get married to her but that you are willing to take care of your child when he arrives.
But I hope that you don't take a lady to bed when you haven't gotten married to her.


  1. Guy,you no try at all. You took advantage of a vulnerable girl. It speaks volume of your person. I will advice you to take full responsibility before heaven gets annoyed.

  2. i laughed when i saw the path u used ur own hand to write choi..e good as u take know say the thing when u do na choi matter, goodluck Mr choi

  3. Hmmmn, Human beans & rice,will Neva ceased to amazed me. Congratulations! Father or Dad to be. I'm not cursing you, but, rather trying to reminds you what bible says about the weekend issues; woe unto the weekend bcs it shall not be well with them. Think twice.

  4. Consider marrying that girl ooo. D mom was beating her but in your own case "you wire am"
    Now that she com bring light enjoy the light.
    The good thing about it is dat you confirm that she is beautiful.
    There is what We call "Onu aju mgbririgba" in Igbo language, that is y u have to razzle a beautiful girl you did not like. Choi!

  5. Choi....... Hahahahahah
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  6. Mr are you sure the girl did not plan this? I would advise that you carry out a DNA test after she gives birth. A lot of people have been traded. Anyway next time one thing would not lead to another

  7. According to your write-up, I could sense you took advantage of a vulnerable person (in this case, a girl), which was very wrong and low of you.

    Did you in any find out what she did that made her mum beat her mercilessly?
    I don't want to paint the girl to be evil, I just feel she wants to push the responsibility of that child on you, maybe that's why the mum beat her becos she realised that she was pregnant, and she agreed to sleep with you so that she can place the burden on you.

    I would advise that u accept responsibility for now, then after childbirth, insist on DNA testing.

    Congratz all the same...


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