Sunday, April 3, 2016

Help! I'm Sick and Tired of my Marriage.

Aunty Amara God bless you for your help and advice. My marriage is four years plus now, but have nothing to show for it, I have never missed my period, let alone miscarriage. My husband is not showing any concern, later he agreed to follow me to hospital and the result showed that he have low sperm count. The drugs they gave to him, he stopped taking it half way.
Anytime I talked about it, he becomes angry, he hardly go to church, he comes home late, and sometimes he will not come home at all, but returns the next morning with no explanation.
He sleeps around, even brings them home if travel, take pictures of their nakedness and videos in his phone. He will forget to delete it, and I will see it.
I have reported him to his parents, but nothing happened, they were afraid to speak to him so that he doesn't stop giving them money. The last test he did last year, his sperm was "Nil". His drugs, he takes it anytime he wants even things the Doctor ask him to stop doing, he still does them.
The doctor told him that, if he did not make love to me at least two times a week, for days he hardly touched me. If I go for it, he will tell me he is tired, as am writing this now, for a month and two weeks now, he has not touched me not to talk of love making.
Am so sick and tired, my parents have asked me to come home but I so much love my husband, please what should I do??? Am just 25 years this year.

It can be frustrating and painful to be married and be trusting God for the fruits of the womb, but it can be challenging when one of the partners or both partners give up on God or feel defeated while trusting God to bless them with children. 
The attitude of your husband is one who has already given up and no longer believes that anything good can come out of your marriage. He feels defeated, he has had sex severally with you and for him, it's no longer worth it to achieve any erection for sex. He looks at you and blames himself that he cannot even ejaculate a healthy and quality sperm that will fertilise your egg and make you a mother of children. 
He doesn't look forward to home or seeing you, he doesn't know what faithfulness is anymore and within his heart, he's already lost faith in God and hope in your marriage. What is happening to him is spiritual and psychological, he needs someone who will stand in the gap for him and support him not to give up. 
He needs a lady who will not remind him of his challenges but will encourage him with love, patience and understanding. He needs a lady who will remind him of God's promises for your marriage and your home. I know that quitting is the easiest way out but please consider being patient with your husband and praying for him. 
Bring him back home, pamper him as though you just got married to him yesterday, pray for him and remind him of God's words. Site the examples of Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth and many others who have experienced delayed conception and remind him that low sperm count is nothing before God. 
Pray with him, pray for him and study the word of God with him. 
I'm hopeful that with your patience and love, he will return back home and quit cheating on you. This may not be easy or rosy for you, but with God who can do all things, with God who has done it for millions and with God who can never fail his own children, your story shall change for good and to God's glory in Jesus name Amen. 
I pray that God will remember you like he remembered Hannah, that God will heal the sperm of your husband and that God will make your joy full in your home in Jesus name Amen. 
My thoughts and prayers are with you, please hold unto God's word and promises for your marriage. 

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