Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hope I can Claim my Baby?

Hello virtuous woman, the great gifted ,God bless the day you were born. I once wrote in your page two months back, I have a question to ask that really borders me a lot, I am only seeking for the true answer both in the law constitute.
Please ma , I had a baby for my fiance that I was living together with in India, who really treated me bad during the condition. I later travelled to Nigeria for my late mum's burial and delivered the baby under the care of my father's family.
My fiancé's family didn't show care to me, cos when I contact them, they ignore me. When they heard that I delivered a baby boy, the guy and his family started calling me to ask of the baby. While the guy begged me to forgive him for his bad treats to me during my condition, then I forgave him but we are not yet legally settled down, cos I am from Anambra and he is from Anambra too.
I later visited one of his sisters to stay with my baby to process my baby's Visa along with mine which didn't work out, cos the embassy refused to issue my baby Visa to travel with me back to my base. I tried all I could but to no avail because of my education and my stay Visa was about to expire. My family was so worried that I must go back to my studies cos a lot of money was involved in my school fees, my family wanted me to keep my baby with them but I told them that I wanted my baby to stay with my fiancé's sister since the baby was familiar to her.
So they accepted with agreement that I will come back after some months to take my baby along, we all agreed. Now my baby is with my fiancé's sister for five months now and I will be going back soon to take my baby along, I hope taking my baby back will not be a problem, cos some friends told me that they will claim the baby from me and will not hand it back to me. But I have all my baby's birth certificates with me and the evidence of his pictures and videos which I took with my baby when I was with him.
I breastfeed my baby for six months before I left him under her care. I and my fiance are planning to get married soon, but I am asking this question, in case the marriage doesn't work out anymore will I still take my baby with me? If they fights for him, do I have right to take my baby with me and train him well. Please give me the specific and truthful answer on this. Thanks.

By the virtue of his age, you have the right to demand for the custody of your son but you cannot deny his father an access to his son. Though I may have some reservations for your decision to get married to him but if you are cool with that, then there's no reason to be worried or be perturbed. 
Just wondering what he will do after getting hold of his son and perhaps put your life in a state where you can't find your feet if there's any challenge.
You must have this at the back of your mind that for the fact that you had a baby for a man doesn't in any way mean that you must get married to him, especially not when there are obvious signs of emotional and psychological abuse, Irresponsibility and immaturity in your relationship. 
You must realise that marriage is not a tea party and must weigh your options before making your decision.

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