Wednesday, April 13, 2016

His Table Manners is Provoking!

Aunty Amara please help me before I go crazy here. My husband's eating habit is so provoking on my side that I lose appetite whenever we are eating together. He chews so noisily, hits the spoon on his teeth. Eats like we are dragging the food or as if he's on the run to catch up with something. I have tried to ignore that, sometimes I feel like using headphones while eating to distract me from the noise.
My sister once asked me when she visited if this was how my husband chews. Even common bread, he still would chew it so noisily. This is killing my feelings for him that he's becoming less attractive to me. I don't know the better way to approach him cos of his ego and temper. He's an ardent reader of your page. Help me, am looking forward to hear other people's experiences.

Since he's part of us, let me talk to him and trust God to help him make amends. 
Sir, I can only imagine how happy and excited you are whenever you are devouring the sumptuous and delicious meal of your lovely wife. I understand that this may be your own way of enjoying the good meal before you and letting your wife know how much you appreciate her efforts. 
You may argue that there's nothing wrong with the way you have chosen to eat but eating in such a manner doesn't actually give a good impression of an organised man but makes you look like a kid who needs to be taught how not to hit the spoon on his teeth while eating and how to close your mouth when you have food in your mouth. 
If you are rushing your food, talking while eating, and chewing so noisily, you will be teaching your children a wrong eating habit and at the same time push your wife far away from you because not everyone has the grace and patience to eat together with a partner who simply makes the food unappetising and unappealing. 
Please reconsider her plea and make amends, take your time and enjoy your meal without making her feel like vomiting or staying far away from you during meal time. Do that for your lovely wife and let it be your own little way of encouraging her to eat with you and enjoy your company with her.
I hope that you will make amends and write to share your progress with me. 

Madam, I will encourage you to be patient with him, and lovingly encourage him not to rush his meal or play the drums whenever he's eating. You may sometimes feed him and then slow him down while spicing it up with some kissing and commendation in between. While you do that, pamper him like you will do with your own baby and appreciate him when he's getting it right. 
It may be his habits and will take some time for him to unlearn them. Going for dates, outdoor events and topnotch social programmes will greatly enhance his personality and help him learn good table manners but please do not lose hope or feel that he's not going to make amends with time. 
Every man has the capacity to change but because they respond to their ego faster, your manner of approach is more important than any other thing you wish to tell him. If he's not yielding or willing to work with you on this, then you may consider serving him alone while you eat elsewhere so that you can save your ears and your eyes from his exciting eating habits. 


  1. That is a Chinese culture. People are ungrateful Gosh. What makes you think you haven't hurt his ego by going public?

  2. Hahahahahha Aunty Amara you're so funny. I don laugh fall from bed.


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