Friday, April 1, 2016

How Can I Get Him off my Mind?

Good day aunty Amara.... please help save a soul....
I'm a lady of 25, two year back I met and fell in love with a married man.. Initially when we met, he told me he was married but he was having issues with his wife... At first I didn't want to but later I gave in, not that I was happy dating a married man, but at that point in my life things were tough...
At first, things were going on fine between both of us, he would call me every now and then, chat with me on social media, text me and all... I really fell hard for him, because he was always there for me, he was my happiness, in short my all.. I had eyes for him and him alone...
But recently, his attitude towards me changed, he doesn't call like he used to, doesn't chat with me, even when I call, he doesn't pick. He gets pissed off at any little thing I do.... It's really weighing me down, because currently he is the only man in my life... I know it's wrong of me to have dated a married man in the first place, but I've tried letting him go... It's even worse, because I don't have a single guy in my life all because of him...
Please I need your help... How can I get him off my mind? He has really hurt me.... Thank you.

Please sweet Jesus, deliver your daughter from the manipulations of the devil. Show her mercy and forgive her for her wickedness and selfish intentions in the home that you have established in Jesus name Amen. 
You need to understand that there is no excuse for you to date a married man, there is no reason why you should think of it, let alone allowing yourself to fall in love with him that you are now enjoying his company and demanding more of his time and love. 
If a married man had issues with his wife, please do not be his solution, run away from such a man, run so far that even the devil will be afraid to suggest that to you. 
I am emphatically telling you that anyone who deals with a married partner is cursed by God and will never reap the purpose of marriage in life. 
I wish I could tell you otherwise but my great pain was that, you were aware that it was bad to date a married man, but you still decided to date him, it's sincerely wicked. 
On a daily basis, I am here encouraging a married lady to pray, to endure, to be hopeful and to be patient with her cheating husband but here you are delighting in sleeping with a married man. 
Please make amends, it's more honourable to be single and be seriously searching than to be dating a married man who you know has his wife somewhere praying and fasting to win her husband back. 
Please cut off everything that associates you to him, stop receiving anything from him and please do not make yourself available for the devil to destroy. God is still faithful to bless you with your own husband, do not be faster than God and do not hold onto a married man and hope that you will meet your own husband. 
You are too beautiful and too young to allow yourself to be rendered homeless and hopeless by your desperation.
Please retrace your steps to God and surrender your heart to him, and then allow him to bless you your own husband. 


  1. Aunty Amara, ure very kind nd noble in ur words. Honestly, iv got nothing good to say to her but curses and when I don't ve good words to say, I'll rather keep quiet. Aside, u ve already nailed it all. What a high degree of wickedness!!! The lines I love d most "I am emphatically teln u dt any1 who deals wt a married partner is cursed by God & wil nvr reap d purpose of marriage in life". I pray God be mercy on u & deliver u 4rm dt curse if u truly repent.

  2. Dear,go and get 'THE MYTH OF SINGLENESS' by Myles Munroe and materials by Joseph Prince and put them on 'Repeat'. You are still thinking without a man,you are nobody. Get that corrected and recover yourself. If not with the way you are thinking and your current emotional state,you will still fall again if the opportunity presents itself. Marriage is for whole people. Get whole first.

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  3. Hmmm...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The man's wife has been scorned by you for having an affair with her husband. I tell you this, nothing good will ever come out from such a relationship. If the wife has been spending sleepless nights praying for her marriage, then you have incu red curses on yourself. Go & sincerely beg God for forgiveness. To err is human, but to forgive is divine.Then stop all kinds of contact with the man.
    Take some time off men especially married ones & prayerfully seek God for a life partner. Our a.rewarded of those who diligently seek Him.


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