Friday, April 1, 2016

I'm Doubtful of His Love!

Good evening ma, please I have been following you for a while now and am enjoying your advice, and encouragement you are giving to people. I will love to share my problem with you.
I have suffered many broken relationship which also made me to stop dating guys, recently, I fell in love with one guy, we have been moving for some months now, but am still confused and doubtful about his love.
He receives so many calls from girls, and I found out that the way he answered all was the same including my own calls, you can't differentiate his call when he is answering other girls from when he is answering someone he said he loves.
I want to know if you have any word for me because it disturbs me and am trying to quit the relationship thanks.

My word for you is to keep a distance and simply observe his pattern of dating game.
Some men are romantic with every lady as long as they don't clash with each other, some do hide and seek that you can't detect whether they're with you or with another and for some, they're straight and direct, they don't hide anything or try to impress another lady while with you.
Don't invest your emotions with a man who is still testing the waters to avoid any eventualities should he start acting funny or strange to you.
So don't take him so serious yet, no need to fall for his sweet words but focus on developing yourself and understanding his vision, personality and passion in life before taking about falling in love with him.

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