Friday, April 8, 2016

How do I Cope with a Mean Husband?

Please madam help with advice. l'm new on this page. Please l need advice on how to cope with a mean husband who has so many woman in his life, always letting the lady on his WhatsApp to know that he is not married, who always say l married him because of his papers.
We met in UK. we are traditionally and legally married. Every time he always threaten me with divorce and our marriage produced a son. He call his female friends in the house even when l'm in the house but he does this whenever we're having misunderstanding. l'm not working at the moment but have finally gotten a job at a hospital which I will start very soon. Though l did not notice his cheating habit in time, when l noticed it was after he went and paid my dowry.
l don't know what to do, at times l feel like leaving him but UK life is not where you can just leave cos no relation, no mother, no father, even your friends wouldn't even want to accommodate you in time of problems. Please how can l deal with this kind of man? He is aggressive as well and we dated for five years before we got married even when we were dating then l was studying and then we were both students, later he told me that he will marry a Jamaican lady to get his papers that l should agree with him that all his friends has done it, even he called his mother in Nigeria to talk to me, after the mum talked to me l agreed that he should marry the Jamaican lady which he has to pay the lady and then l went back to where l was studying to concentrate with my studies. He did visit me at times but after one year plus, our relationship became more serious that l took in.
He was so happy and went to my village with his people and paid my bride price, then he divorced the Jamaican woman and now we're legally married, but l will say since l married him l have no peace. One week peace and one week trouble. I regretted everything, l could have moved on especially that time he married the Jamaican woman. Anyway, l have asked God to forgive me for everything l have done out of ignorance. Madam please l need advice . Thanks and God bless.

You have to be patient with him and work towards securing a job so that you can take care of yourself and your son. It's only when you start earning a living that he will learn to respect you and work with you, until you have a meaningful source of income, he will always reduce you to a greedy lady who married him because of his papers and place of residence.
Now you can tell better and you need to protect yourself against infections since he doesn't see anything wrong with sleeping around or bringing them into your room.
You need to pray for him and avoid those things that trigger his emotions and make him act in a manner that hurts you.
When you have made enough savings, you can use that to plan your life and that of your son especially if your life is being threatened.

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