Friday, April 8, 2016

Should I Move on and Forget about Him?

Aunty, I have come back again so confuse now. I want to first thank you for your good works, more grace in Jesus name Amen. Please, I have an issue here, am into a long distance relationship with a guy. We started as friends, and as time went on we became very good friends and fond of each other. He proposed to me last year April 27th, he was supposed to come back to Nigeria but he was not able to come due to some certain issues he had over there(abroad).
I love this guy but am not sure of his love to me, he calls me almost everyday, he used to tell me that he loves me. At a time he stopped, reason being that he wants to come back first.. So each time I want to express my love for him, he will turn me down(a kind of playing with my feelings).
Last night, I told him that am missing him, you can't believe what he replied!#crying! he said... 'oh, nice, poor girl is missing me! I became so upset and heartbroken,I angrily told him not to be calling me on phone again and he said OK'.
Since then, I have been crying, did I made a mistake by telling him that? If he truly loves me, is it how he should have replied? Please, in this case now, what will I do? Should I move on and forget about him? Please help me, am losing it right now. thank you!

I was about giving a testimony that many of my fans no longer fall for abroad suitors but your mail reminded me that I've not preached enough yet.
One of the difficulties of a long distance relationship and abroad suitors or players is that you just have no idea what to believe or what they're up to. From the response of your player sorry partner, it's possible that there's another lady massaging his back which was what made him tag you a "nice poor girl".
I feel that you should wake up from this dream of abroad romance and go for what is real and what you can see with your eyes and feel with your heart and not abroad promises and wishes.
That he promised or proposed marriage to you doesn't mean that there's no lady abroad that is sleeping beside him over there. So waiting for him or holding onto his promises is not entirely bad if you are willing to work with the terms and conditions of such an arranged or contracted relationship.
The earlier you realise that players have no ambition, the better for you. So sorry for his attitude towards you, it only shows how much he disrespects your personality.

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