Monday, April 4, 2016

How do I Forget about Her?

Good day Aunty Amara, May God continue to bless the work of your hand, and also your home. Please I need your advice because I know in my heart apart from God, you are the only one that can give me sincere and honest advice.
I am a married mum of two kids, I have this married friend I trust, I share whatever that's bothering me with her because I married from another tribe so my in-law's always give me little little problems so I felt she's the right person to talk to since we are very close but I don't discuss my hubby with her because I want to create that space or should I say respect for him. I am stay at home mum too, but I do any little business just to keep my savings stable for now, till I get something doing.
To cut the story short, I didn't know the lady has been talking about me at my back, I felt betrayed. It was a shop where she use to go and gossip about me, the sales girl told her aunt who's my hair stylist. I couldn't utter a word, I was numb, so I have been carrying it in my heart, I have prayed to God to let me forget and just cut off from her but still she still crosses my mind.
I know asking will create more problem for us, please aunty what do you think I should do? Thank you for reading my long story. God bless.

First of all, thank God for revealing the agents of downfall to you. You should be so happy and grateful that God saved you from your careless decisions because this lady would have taught you a lesson or two about marriage. 
Now that you know, you need not ask her anything or carry her in your heart. Not at all, just as you made her your friend, deliberately "unfriend" her from your life and marriage and learn to manage your marriage challenges in your own little way while you work hard enough to learn and understand the language of your husband. 
You don't need to make a drama out of this, whenever you meet her, greet and continue with your business. If you don't have anything else to do please study the word of God or read inspiring and motivational books, you may also listen to motivational messages or videos but please don't trust married friends or share your marriage challenges with loose friends to avoid putting you into trouble. 
You have counsellors to talk to and get suggestions from, without putting your marriage into trouble. 

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  1. You need to break the ungodly soul tie between you and you friend. Find time to talk about Jesus with her. Instead of gossiping about bad news that befalls your marriage gossip about Christ.


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