Monday, April 4, 2016

Should Privacy Exist Between Couples?

Good morning Aunty Amara. Thank you so much for this good work. Please I sincerely need your good advice. I've been in a relationship with this guy since 2012, the lady I've become, everything I have both achievement since I met him is courtesy of him. I have no regret knowing him.
But the issue is that I've never had access to his phone before. I've really overlooked it all these while, but sometime this year I started becoming uncomfortable with that and it has caused problems for us twice this year.
Each time I talk about it, he always say it's his privacy and has official document in it. And am wondering if privacy should exist between us.
Please I sincerely need your advice because it really breaks my heart whenever I think about it.
Thank you so much

The Bible says "and they were both naked" Genesis 2 vs 25. 
When it comes to marriage, everything is meant to be naked, open, plain, real and sincere without any iota of secrecy amongst the couples. 
From how her vagina tastes to his phone chats and messages, everything must be open to each other and nobody is has such a privilege all over the universe except the man and his wife. 
If at the budding stage of your relationship, your partner is already having some privacy policy terms and conditions, then you may need to prepare your heart to either respect them or let him go to avoid unnecessary struggles after wedding. 
While I don't encourage anyone to be snooping around the phones of his or her partner, I must categorically state that when there is so much privacy for a device, there maybe some "official documents" that may break your heart should you have access to his or her phone. 
Sometimes I wonder the kind of official documents that maybe in a phone that is beyond your own partner, but what do I know? 
So decide on what's best for you and learn to stick with it for your own good.

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