Monday, April 4, 2016

I'm Fed up with her Lies and Infidelity!

Good day ma, am I** from Ghana. May God still bless you with more wisdom madam.
Am 30 years and she is 25, we started dating in October 2014. Our relationship is a distance type, one which was initiated by a male cousin of hers. When we met, things were moving on smoothly until last year, I went to visit her at another region where she was doing her nursing training. Before I went to visit her, I suspected she was cheating on me looking at the behaviours she was putting up, so I went through her phone when she was asleep, and saw WhatsApp messages and in one message she was telling the guy that, 'so he will not mind her after she has told her she has not seen her menses for that month'.
Meanwhile, this lady claimed she loves me. I saw another one asking a guy to send her money, so she can go visit him after after closing from work on Friday. I was really sad, wished I never went through her phone. Madam, I really love this lady, I confronted her and she apologised, she even blamed me for going through her phone. Hmmm, I have been doing everything for this lady, since the time we started dating, I made sure I gave her something as her up keep, to take care of her needs. Until about three month now that my work was a bit messy, so I could not give her any money on February and March.
She has been complaining bitterly that I have it and intentionally didn't want to give her. Ma'am, could you imagine this past Tuesday, I called her to ask how she was doing, only to find out she was in town and I asked what she was doing at that time of the day because she was supposed to be in the house, she told me she is soo hot and in need of money so a friend of hers has sent her money. I did not enquire much about the person sending the money because I surely knew it will be from a guy.
Ma, am not picking her calls up till now that am talking to you. She is telling me to send her the rest of her belongings left in my room. Am fed up with her lies and cheating madam.
Please help me.

You don't need a lady whose intentions is to defraud your life, milk you down and make a mockery of your personality. If for the two months that you had a challenge with your job she decided to start roaming the streets to collect money from men and possibly sleep with them, I would suggest that you bid her goodbye and thank God for saving you from an impending danger. 
You need a help meet, a lady who is willing to stand with you and support your efforts, a lady who is emotionally prepared for the rigors of life and is willing to sacrifice her all to help you stand. 
You need a lady who believes in your personality and respects you irrespective of how much or how little you make. There is no reason why you should hold unto the beauty of a lady and live your life in a miserable and terrible manner. 
When you don't have the peace of mind and the hope of working with a companion who will help you where your strength is weak, then you should wake up from the romantic comedy in your heart and face the realities of your life. 
She blamed you because you discovered her hidden agenda, she still continued with her embarrassing lifestyle and now she's threatening to terminate the relationship, kindly bid her goodbye and return back to God who knows what you really need to prosper in life. 
Call her up and encourage her to come over and pick up her belongings so that she can be free to live as she desires to.
Your partner determines to a great extent how prosperous and successful your life will be so please do not make mistakes here because you will live for a lifetime to manage it.


  1. At aunty amara, how can someone post a mail to you? How do someone reach you to drop personal messages to you. The mail you have on your page, don't know if it is functional. Do get back to me, thanks.

  2. I do not mean to disrespect bu but honestly and from the few truths I know of,nursing students are whores!


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