Thursday, April 28, 2016

I Feel Irritated with my Female Friends!

Well done auntie. I am an ardent fan of your problem.
I am a phlegmatic person by temperament. I am very cool and easy going. I am in my mid-twenties. I discovered of recent that I am at loggerheads with almost all my female friends ( who are in relationship), that any slight issue stirs out anger in me. I have not asked any one out as we relate on a platonic level. Currently, am not in a relationship, but I want to know why this happens to me. It has been bringing sadness in me. please keep me confidential..... Thank you

It's happening to you because you are not emotionally and psychologically prepared for a relationship. You are looking for a perfect lady who you can boss and command at will and when you can't find such a lady, you freak out and look for ways to either condemn her or appreciate yourself for what you did. 
You are not yet ready to win the heart of your friend instead of winning the argument and that is why whenever you succeed in your mission, you realise that you are alone and then sad. 
So what to do, every individual deserves some courtesy, respect and acceptance irrespective of their age or gender. Seek to understand your friends more than you seek to be understood. 
Your opinions may be excellent but consider the suggestions of others and don't write them off because they weren't what you had in mind. 
Listen more, learn more and talk less. Ladies are not dummies so don't make them feel like one. 
Be willing to tolerate their weaknesses and errors without condemning them and more importantly learn to be patient with them and to correct with love. 
What is playing out in you isn't a phlegmatic temperament but a choleric attributes and one of the ways to manage your desire to always control, and boss everyone around is by humbling yourself and being patient with the imperfect personalities that surrounds you. 

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