Thursday, April 28, 2016

My Best Friend Lied to my Fiancée!

Good morning ma, you are a very intelligent woman and may God continue to bless you. Ma, I have an issue bothering my mind for some months now, please advice me ma. I have a female friend that we have been together since our first year in school, we were so close that everyone thought we are sisters.
Though we were both from a poor family but ma I have always been there for this my friend, do help her with transport, foodstuff, money, take her to hospital when she's sick, a lot of things. Ma, my friend requested for some money from my fiancée and even told him not to tell me about it. I encouraged him to give her the money and he did.
But the most annoying thing is that she lied to my man, telling him she wanted to use the money to solve a family problem that involved the police which is a big lie. Am very hurt that a friend I trusted so much could hide these away from me, have began to dislike her and am thinking of distancing myself from her.

When your very own friend goes behind you to ask for a favour from your fiancée, you must be very very careful to avoid losing your fiancée to your friend. 
Sometimes I wonder how some individuals feel comfortable stabbing those who genuinely care about them but that's not for you to judge. 
Call her, take her out and let her know that you are already aware of what she told your fiancée and that you are entirely disappointed that she could do such. 
No need to entertain her excuses and apologies but from then henceforth please keep her far away from you and everything that relates or connects to you. 
Help her if you are privileged to do so but don't allow her to come close enough to you because such individuals will be great in gossiping and backbiting. 
Forgive her and move on, it only shows that you don't trust in anyone except God.

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