Thursday, April 28, 2016

She Hardly Communicate with Me!

Let me start by thanking you for the good work and counselling you have been rendering to the society at large, it's really commendable.
My wife and I based are in different countries, we meet each other annually, we had three kids. The problem is that most times I will try to reach her on phone she won't pick calls and she hardly calls me as well, even when I will finally get her, she will bring one excuse or the other to cover it up. She may say the phone is not with her or that she was attending to one thing or the other, but what is really annoying me is that most times that I will call her she pick up, and even after she saw my missed calls, she won't bother flashing or calling back. Most times I will use a friend's number to call her number after not picking mine, I mean a strange number and she will pick it. I am really confused about this act because sometimes she will act or talk as though she is praying for good and success of the family but her altitude says the opposite, please I need advice on how to handle this issue because it's really eating me up.

From the description of her attitude towards communicating with you, there's every reason for you to feel worried and question her faithfulness and commitment to you. 
If she could pick up a strange number and then ignore yours, I feel that there's something that she may not be comfortable with in your marriage or that there is someone somewhere who is distracting her (I sincerely hope that isn't the case here). 
I feel that you and your wife needs to sit down and talk things through concerning your communication gap and the commitment in your marriage. 
I must also stress that it's not healthy for couples to live in different countries and visit each other once in a year. Sir, you're simply inviting the devil to dine with your wife and if she fall, I don't think that you should blame her for not being able to keep herself for you. 
Yes I understand that as a result of financial breakthrough some sacrifices must be made but it's also good to consider the strength and weaknesses of your partner in making such decisions and where it is possible, consider taking your family along with you to avoid making room for doubts, suspicion and infidelity in your marriage. 
Consider bridging the gap and reuniting with your family so that you can invest your life in your children and understand your wife and possibly resolve whatever maybe her worries and concerns about you and the marriage. 
I feel that it's not what calling and talking over the phone may resolve but you may need to travel to ascertain what is going on in your family.

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