Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I'm Contemplating Leaving Her!

Aunty Amara thank you so much for your words, God bless you. The person I'm dating currently just told me this evening that we are not having a deep conversation, we don't stay close so the only medium we use is Facebook, phone calls and Skype. She loves me though but I was disappointed this morning when she compared our one year relationship with her friend's relationship that was not up to two weeks, that they are having a better conversation than ours.
Honestly, I'm doing what I'm suppose to do and saying what I'm suppose to say. Even if I'm not, comparing our one year relationship with a relationship that was not up to two weeks mean a lot, like it reduced my self esteem. Her friend and the guy have not started dating, they are still getting to know each other.
Right now, I don't know what to do because she knows my interest, my daily activities, what else is she trying to hear because I don't understand. As a man, I say the right words at the right time, but it's never enough to her, I was really hurt today and I'm contemplating leaving her.

Calm down bros, so something as little and as little as this is what reduced your self esteem and you are already contemplating leaving her. Or do you think that if you leave her, that the other lady you are rushing to won't demand for that too? If you are already complaining bitterly now, what will happen when you get married? 
What I thought you could have paid attention to was what she was craving for and not who she used as a comparison but since you don't know, I will charge you for that.. Lol 
If you paid attention to the two weeks relationship or friendship, there's this excitement, wooing spirit and the caring loving and intimate conversation that makes them always happy and expectant. It's that phase of the relationship where everything is right and perfect, even her k-leg and his stingy attitude doesn't just matter, what matters is that there's love in the air and the two lovebirds believes that they can literally fly. 
What your partner was craving for was that exciting moments, those moments that makes her blush and feel fresh and happy. Every lady wishes to always feel better than the younger and the other ladies so when you make her feel like an ordinary lady who keeps tab of your daily activities, hmmm you may saying the right thing and be doing the right thing but she will be feeling unhappy and cold. 
So in addition to saying the right thing all the time, surprise her with so many compliments, compliment her voice, her outlook, ask her how she's feeling, let her know how much you love her, miss her, desire her company and always wish to be with her. 
Remind her of those qualities that made you leave all the ladies in your villa for her heart, let her know those subtle things that makes you rejoice with great thanksgiving. Surprise her with romantic messages, you may even hide an airtime in a message and allow her to figure out the code. When you are communicating with her using the video or other visual means, compliment her nose, tease her, celebrate her sometimes and make her feel so excited about your personality that even when she's about to sleep, she will just whisper, "thank God for meeting the best man on earth". 
No lady wishes to sacrifice all her time making up, encouraging herself that her body is in good shape and that she's perfect for her husband only for the man to call and say, 'hi dear, How are you? I went to work and came back, hope you are good today, have you eaten something? Okay dear, take care and good night, love you '
She desires that you make her feel proud of being a lady and at the same time yearns that you become part of her life. No matter who you run to, she will always crave for some affection and some attention, that's the two words that aptly defines attraction to a lady. You can't be attracted to a lady and all you do is say the right things at the right time.. Lol 
Now go back to her and pet her like you did the very first time you set your eyes on her and she was like, what do you want? 
But sis, please stop comparing your relationship with that of another, it is wrong and insensitive to do such. If anything is not right, please work it out but don't compare your relationship with that of anyone else. 


  1. if you want to leave her its okay!but do it nice, and after that start dating women again!good luck

  2. Kai! This woman shaa! God created you on a special day. I appreciate God on your behalf.
    @ poster, you have heard all.


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