Tuesday, April 5, 2016

We Quarrel So Much!

Good evening dear, I commend you for your wonderful advice for singles and married. God will enlarge your coast. I have a little issue concerning my relationship. I met this guy and we fell in love. I love him but my problem with him is, whenever we are not together, I will miss him badly more than when we are together. It will seem that we can't stay without each other.
But when we are together, we quarrel much as if we are not friends. I will feel like quitting him. In me, I will be having doubt that this is not my dream man. He is a kind of person that doesn't know how to pet, play and all that. In fact he is not romantic and am too emotional.
It makes me worried each time we are together. I have tried my possible best to make him understand the kind of person I am. I don't think he will change, that is who he is. Please I need some advice on what to do. I love him but he finds it difficult to accept a change. I await your response, thanks and God bless.

I would love to have an idea of what both of you constantly quarrel about to enable me know how best to encourage you to help him improve on his attitude towards you.
Sometimes, some of the struggles or quarrels could be as a result of his emotional needs which perhaps you could not meet because of your agreement. Take for example, if he's craving for sex and both of you have decided to wait until you have wedded, whenever he comes around you and he realises that you won't shift grounds, he will begin to react in such a manner that will leave you feeling worried about his love for you.
But instead of allowing him to affect you with his worries, decide to be a stronger partner here. That you are too emotional is already an advantage, now become emotionally intelligent and use your emotions to your advantage by ignoring him whenever he starts acting up.
When he begins to complain about everything, joke around it and let them off your heart. Pet him like a baby and subtly suggest ways he can improve on his own attitude to you.
Treat him as though you are taking care of your favourite son and give him some time to adapt to your personality. Encourage him to like the page and share some articles and mails that addresses some of your fears with him while you allow him to learn at his own pace. Don't give him the impression that you are already giving up on him but take your time to understand his personality, study him and appreciate the experiences and challenges of life that may have shaped his lifestyle.
Be as patient, understanding and mature as possible and see this relationship as an opportunity to develop yourself and become emotionally intelligent and smart when it comes to managing the weaknesses of your partner.
Pray for your relationship and entrust everything to God in prayers who can transform the heart of any individual and renew his heart.

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