Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm Tired of the Whole Situation!

Good day Aunt, thanks for your good works. Aunt, am very devastated now and needed someone to talk to, so I decided to write you. Am a student in a federal institution in Imo state. Ma, I work and school at the same time in order to take care of my expenses. My landlord and the two sons (both married) have been disturbing me to have affair with them, my landlord even promised to pay me the amount I earn in my work place every weekend if only I agree to be with him, but I always knew that the aftermath of following a married man is very bad, and I have also vowed never to have anything to do with a married man.
Ma, I do come back from work by 9.45pm and before I could get home, they would have locked the gate, that I now have to knock for their house help to come and open gate for me. But for the past few days now I have been finding it difficult to get into the house when I get back from work, which I have to go look for somewhere to sleep. So, I decided to meet with them, for them to give me a spare key, but the man and the son said that never will they give me the key, that if I cannot come back home before 8pm, I should look for house elsewhere and pack out.
I pleaded but to no avail, so I have to plead with my boss to come and talk to them, which he did but they bluntly refused. The problem now is that, I just renewed my rent on January and they refused refunding me my money(the first time we paid, because I stay with a roommate, we were given a written note. But this time no such thing to say let me involve the police,as people suggested), and I can't stop my work, because it's helping me a lot. Looking for another house is out of it, because house in Owerri is very scarce and expensive, added that I don't have money at hand.
Please ma, I need you to tell me what to do, because am tired of this whole situations, from one problem to another, I have never been happy all my life. Thanks in anticipation.

You are sowing seeds of greatness and most times it comes with great and uncomfortable sacrifices. Your season of laughter and rejoicing is closer than you can possibly imagine so don't give up or feel discouraged by your circumstances and the challenges you are currently experiencing today.
What came to my mind when I read your mail was, what if you plead with your female course mate or fellowship mate or someone who is close to you and can assist you in accommodating you during the night so that when you close from your work and it's already late to return to your house, you can stay with her and then go back home when it's dawn.
You may think of keeping your materials there so that you can read and tidy up your assignments. Do not let the attitude of your landlord to make you give up on your convictions.
This too shall pass and you shall someday tell it as a story to encourage someone in life.
Cheer up and look up to God who is faithful to favour the works of your hands and prosper you in all your endeavours. He will not disappoint you, and will never forsake you.

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