Monday, April 25, 2016

Should I Persuade my Husband to go for a Deliverance?

Good afternoon madam, I must confess that this page has been a source of inspiration and guide to me since I found it. I am 33 years old and a year and half in marriage with a four months old daughter.
Recently my father had a health challenge, we noticed that he was having difficulty to pass urine, he was taken to the hospital and the doctor inserted a catheter to enable him pass urine, meanwhile the doctor recommended series of test, scan and x-ray to be carried out on him, of which nothing was diagnosed to be the problem, yet he couldn't pass urine without the aid.
Since medically nothing was found to be the problem, my eldest sister decided to go to a pastor to seek for solution spiritually. When she got there, the pastor told her that my father had a carnal affair with someone who is possessed. This came as a shock because my father who is a retired civil servant is disciplined, prayerful and spiritual. Since my father hardly associate, the only person we suspected that he was having the affair with was my 25 years old cousin who we lived in our family house to be taking care of my parents.
This same girl seduced my sister's husband who is a pastor and I am suspecting that she did the same to my husband when she came to assist me when I was pregnant. What led to my suspicions was the way my father, brother-in-law and husband were so much after her welfare. I want to confront my husband about that so that he can go for deliverance to avoid being afflicted with strange illness.

I have no idea what the pastor was saying but what I can tell you medically is that your dad is suffering from the common old age challenges in men. 
He's having difficulty in urinating because of the growth of the prostate gland which may have almost covered the bladder thereby making him to have difficulty in urinating and at the same time urinating more often than when he was younger. 
It is always advisable for every man who is 40 years and above to always go for his prostate check up so that an urologist can examine the prostate and determine whether it's cancerous or benign. 
Whether he had sex with your cousin or not, prostate gland expands as men age and the likely symptoms of such growth is difficulty in urinating. So I will encourage you not to confront your husband for any deliverance, not that I'm against deliverance or such things but because what your father is experiencing is a medical challenge and you should take him to an urologist to examine him and advise you on what's best for him and also know how the state of the prostate gland. 
I pray that God will perfect all that concerns him and provide all that you need to take good care of him. 

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