Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Mother-in-law is Troublesome!

Am a year in my marriage now, no issue yet but my problem is my mother-in-law, she is so troublesome, always complaining of this, that, pepper, maggi, salt, sugar, no sugar etc. Though while trying to avoid all these, we planned to pack out immediately after our wedding, but things did not work out as planned.
I don't even know where to start, I don't have personal issues with my husband, every misunderstandings comes from her. Earlier in my marriage she always came so early in the morning to call me even when am still sleeping with my husband to follow her to farm, and I will tell my husband these were not our plan. She wanted me to be a house help which I know I do my duties when necessary. She disturbs even my second with my husband and my husband will tell me mummy you know this place is not comfortable..
She causes problems there and here, besides I was the one that made peace between her and my husband. Because I noticed how he used to treat his mother and I told him if he did not change, I will not marry him. He told me that if I knew the kind of mother he has, that I will not be telling him these. He even came to my mum to complain for what I told him and my mother said if not for the safety of my daughter forgive your mother. He also told my mother the same thing that he told me, but now that same woman that I made peace with the son is giving me headache.
She visits native doctors. The last one she really caused problem between her and the son. She came and told my husband to follow her to the place that his presence was needed to perform some sacrifice to know why my father-in-law was sick. So my husband refused to follow her, although he didn't tell me but I got the information from his close friend. The last problem we had was terrible, and was caused by her. My husband was supposed to travel by Monday, so we had the problem on Friday and he beat me up. So when he was travelling, he told me to make sure am out of his house before he comes back and that I should not call him. He left, my mother-in-law was dancing up and down. She was even calling him to frame more lies so my mother helped me in days infinite prayers.
During the first day, my husband had to send feeding money to me. The second day, he sent his friend to come and know how am doing, first ally the last day his brother whom he visited called to ask me why I have not been calling my husband, that I should call him? So the next day I did and he sounded so sexy and romantic. He came back two days after my calls with him and his mother tried to bridge him and to spoil his mind so I was rescue from that by his friend who took us out for dinner and made peace between us.
His mother was calling to know where he was, he was saying am coming am coming. While coming back, he held my hand and we entered took our bath and had some sweet sex. So the next morning, the head of all the women in my village sent for him. It meant that my mother-in-law reported me to women of my village. So the women asked him "I heard you and your wife is having issues. He said no I have no problem with my wife, beside have you not been having problems with your husband? Is my own case different? She included but who is this man people are saying your wife is dating? My husband did not even wait for her to finish he said "please don't even go there, I know the kind of woman I married, she may be stubborn but not stupid.
She said okay ooo, no problem I just wanted to ask. The problem is these, my mother-in-law wants me to go. She needs a maid. She has been unhappy over my happiness and reconciliation with my husband. Ever since then, she has been cooking her own food and rejecting mine. My husband asked me to beg her even though she wronged me which I did and she was saying her heart is so heavy that do I know when this house was built? She included shebi you now owned your husband? So she refused to accept. All I do is to be using prayers to fight her, but she has been cutting the joy of my marriage.
But my husband don't like her cooking by herself, so he complained to his friend that I supposed to collect that food from his mother and cook. His friend now asked him what have you been doing about that since then? He said he has been begging his mother but he thinks I have not begged her enough.
Please ma what will I do? I want you to help me in prayers so that we can pack out...... Am really getting tired of her troubled life, even her sisters who came during my father-in-law's burial told me she is evil...

The best way to manage her shortcomings and limitations is for you and your husband to rent an apartment as soon and as fast as possible.
There's no need for you to stay a second longer on her roof and not expect that she will continue to monitor, torment and abuse your marriage.
There's a great need for you to be prayerful and sensitive in the spirit because some of the battles we fight are not physical but spiritual manipulations. Make it a point of duty to pray with your husband and pray fervently for your marriage so that you can take charge of the spiritual territory of your home. Don't strive to please her or do things that will make her abuse you, let your goodness be in greetings and in giving, while you refrain from having any altercation with her.
Within three to six months I'm hopeful that you would have left that compound for your own home, that's the only way for you to overcome her tantrums and disturbances.
God is with you and working in your favour, there is nothing that any man can do to destroy the covenant of marriage in your life and every tongue that shall rise against your home shall be crushed and destroyed in Jesus name Amen.

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