Thursday, April 14, 2016

What Should I Do?

Hello ma, you are a mentor to many out there including me. Please, I will like you to advice me on this. I have a friend who have known for close to a year and some months now. He really likes me and we get along early. I saw a future with him starting from they I knew him, but I have an issues. Before now, he keeps asking me when I will like to settle down, I told him this year, he said with who I said with the person talking to me and things like that.
I know he likes and want to settle down with me. But I don't know weather I made a big mistake by telling him suitors are coming for my hands in marriage and my parent were asking me if I have someone in mind. After this word he suddenly changed, opened his mouth and started saying all sorts of things that I should not wait for him. That he does not know the time he will settle down but he knows he want to settle, that my own calls are more than his. That even when we talk that he does not feel anything emotionally like he's talking to his girlfriend.
I felt so bad because this was the person that have always done and said things that will show you he is ready to settle down. Right now I barely call him. A times for a week we have not even talked. Please, advice me on want to do. I know I fell in love with him so much and especially because he is my type of man. Godfearing, sincere and so on. What should I do.

Simply move on with your life and bid him goodbye. At your age, you don't need boys who speak from both lips and a coward who doesn't know what he wants or desire in life. 
He felt that since you are already in love with him, he can turn you around and twist your emotions just so that he can make you hopeless and without having a clear understanding of where your relationship is heading to. 
I will encourage you to discharge him officially and wish him well. He may return to beg you or plead for forgiveness but I don't think that you should be with a man who doesn't sound mature and responsible for a purposeful relationship. 

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