Friday, April 29, 2016

My Partner Verbally Abuses Me!

Good morning ma. God bless you abundantly for reaching out to those having one issue or the other. You are such a genius. Ma, would you advise one to marry a guy that insults her and calls her names like, idiot, stupid girl, serpent etc. Do you think this doesn't matter in choosing a life partner?
I have told him to stop the name calling on different occasions but he refused. Even his sister told him same. Please ma, I want to know if it is proper to marry such a man that call you names at every slightest mistake you make. Should one consider such before venturing into marriage? Thanks and God bless.

That's one of the most important attributes of an individual to consider. Partners who are verbally abusive can push the other partner into depression, anger and emotional torture. 
Nothing feels good like a genuine compliments of someone you love and cherish, and nothing destroys and destabilises an individual like an oral diarrhoea. 
If he abuses you verbally now that you are dating him, perhaps in marriage he may graduate to beating you. You are the best person to decide whether to manage his weaknesses or to quit the relationship. 
But you need not manage what you know that you cannot endure for the rest of your life in the name of love or marriage.


  1. Run as far as your legs can carry you.the verbal abuse will gradually turn to physical beating as you grow.

  2. The MAIN job of a husband,is to build up his wife,and his society,and this is done mainly through WORDS. If he cannot do just that,he is not a husband and definitely,he is not your husband. Run for your life!
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