Saturday, April 30, 2016

What Should I Do?

Hello ma'am! May God keep you alive and strengthen you for us.
I have a little issue here! I don't really have a wonderful family because of Church issue, my mum's own is too much to bear, a lot of things has happened because of her pastor said her church side, we believe when we where small but now we no longer believe her with her pastor's stories.
Last year my brother in the UK sent an invitation letter to her so she can come to UK to have some rest, I personally was running rounds for the documents and all, she kept saying that holy spirit told someone in the church to tell her that she's not going to travel last year, that it's this year that she will travel been 2016. We begged her and begged her, called all her siblings to talk to her but she refused that she can't go against the holy spirit, which we all knew that it was their pastor that told her not to travel so that she can participate on their upcoming harvest.
Because of this we the children stopped given her big money because once you give her, she will give all to the church and keep asking for more, she doesn't have anybody she's training, only a small boy that is helping her out still she can't pay his school fees, we pay his school fee and other things. She can't pay for the shop where she sells things because she take all the money to the church, we ended up paying for her but this time we all refused to pay. A lot of things has gone wrong that I don't know where to start.
Now my brother is preparing for his wedding by the ending of the year, few days ago I asked him if his making arrangements for my parents to come over, he said yes but he can't afford to lose the kind of money he lost last year on my mother, I should first ask her if she's ready to travel, so I called my mum and asked her, she said we should give her two weeks to talk to her holy spirit, to know if she will travel.
I was so disappointed, called my elder sister in Nigeria to tell her, she decided to call her and keep shouting at her, she now changed it to three days( now she wants to go and ask her church if she should go), they even told her that my dad's hands are not clean and he wanted to kill her, my father is tired of her. All the asset my father gave her to be collecting money monthly and yearly, my father has taken them back because my mother can't account for the money, she shares it to the church. Everybody is tired.
My problem is I don't know what to tell my brother on what she said because he will be soo so disappointed too. Am not staying in Nigeria too, I can't invite her because she will end up saying the holy spirit said. Am thinking of inviting my Mother-in-law when the time comes. Am so tired of my mother.
Please ma what do you think I should do now? Thanks.

It's quite painful that what some African churches do lately is brainwashing and reformatting of naive, and vulnerable individuals so that they can exploit them to the fullest and perhaps compensate them with a title.
It really calls for serious concerns and prayers because it's not ordinary at all. Any church that accuses family members of having ill plans against another person and other dubious prophesies is definitely not a healthy church for anyone who desires to grow in the knowledge of the gospel and anyone who desires to be Christ-like.
I will suggest that you be patient with her and allow her to consult with her "holy spirit" to confirm what to do. If after consulting with her "holy spirit" she decides not to travel, then you may consider getting your auntie to come and represent her (depending on your relationship with her), before you may consider your mother-in-law.
Don't tell your brother anything yet but encourage him to be positive and hopeful while you wait for her response. If she's not comfortable with travelling, I will suggest that your siblings respect her wish and let her be.
Your in-laws should be the last option because sometimes when the romance is no longer sweet, these realities becomes a weapon for abuse.
Since this is the life that she has wished for herself, I wouldn't encourage anyone to push her beyond her convictions and since her husband has decided to let her continue with her church, all you and your siblings can do is provide the basic things that you can afford and let her choose what is best for her.

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