Saturday, April 30, 2016

He Punched me on my Eyes!

Good morning aunty Amara please I need someone to talk to me before I do something crazy, ma I have known my husband for years before he travelled out of the country and I even had a son for him. After three years he came back last year December, then we got married February 27 of this year. Ma, two weeks to our wedding I discovered that my husband have a wife in abroad and a son, ma my pains now with him is that he always beat me like mad, the only place he used to target is my eyes, as am talking to you now he has punched me on my eye again, the place he has punched me before.
Ma, I did not find out from that he is married with kid in abroad, it was the wife herself that called me and told me , so since then my mind has not gone been at rest, but he is taking good care of me and my son. Ma, I am tired of this beating please advice ma.

You are in a faulty marriage because your husband is married to another woman and you knew of that before agreeing to get married to him. 
Thankfully there's enough cash to spend on you but for how long will you continue to enjoy his wealth at the detriment of your health and happiness in life? 
His intentions is to make sure you are blind so that you will need your son to locate your father's house but I pray for you today, may that not be your portion in Jesus name Amen. 
May God give you the grace to stand up, pack your things and locate your father's house with your two naked eyes in Jesus name Amen. 
Jesus Christ have sent me to remind you that He died for all abusive partners and never desire that you should die in the name of marriage or in the hand of an abusive partner. 
He said that I should encourage you take your son and return back to your village so that you can pray and fast concerning your marriage. 
He also told me to remind you that your life has a great value and you have a divine purpose to fulfil in the life of your son. 
So do not allow anyone or anything to cut your destiny short or make you to lose your eyes, it's not worth it nor should you sacrifice yourself for it.

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