Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dating: For or Against

Ten years of dating isn't a guarantee for a happy marriage. Two weeks of dating isn't a guarantee that the marriage will hit the rocks. Many dated for five years and stayed married for one year. Others never dated but are happily married. We all have different destinies. I did not date my husband, we met and got married and no regrets because we both kept it real from the onset. A friend of mine met and married his wife in the UK after three days and they are twenty-eight years in marriage and crazily in love. A lady I know dated for eight years and was married for just two months. Dating in this century, more often than not, means free sex. Are you dating or having unending sex?

You can date for five years and be happily married forever. You can date for one week and be happily married forever. It's more about the genuineness of the people involved. Again, destinies are different. Don't try to play by those human rules when it comes to your life and future. Build a relationship with the Holy Spirit and know when He's asking you to go. If God takes you there, His presence will be with you to sustain you. Make sure you don't go without His presence.
You see? Just like the oxygen you take in, you need God's presence. Take your eyes off the physical and flow with the Spirit of God. That's the only guarantee to a peaceful and fulfilled life. That man may not look like what you want, but he is what you need. That girl may not be what you want, but God knows she is what you need.

You can never know the real person until you become Mr. and Mrs and begin to share common problems. Even with all the dating, are marriages better in this 21st century? Men no longer want to be husbands and dads, women no longer want to be wives and moms. Until we get to understand that marriage is all about sacrifice and 100% devotion, we won't have it God's way.

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  1. I like the "Real" statement.
    If it's real from the onset then its real.


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