Sunday, May 8, 2016

Am Slowly Destroying my Home!

Aunty good evening ma. God bless you for the work you've been doing for him. Aunty am married with two kids. By the grace of God I have a wonderful man for a husband, but aunty I would say I have been a torn on his flesh. I am not proud of what I have been doing but God knows I have been trying to change but all effort seems fruitless.
Aunty I was abused at an early age by someone from my place(village), he took photos of me naked and threatened to broadcast the pictures should I open up to anyone or disobey him at anytime. Aunty I was too naive and scared to talk, I wish I could turn back the hands of time. Aunty he made my life miserable, I shed tears as I type these.
Then in my third year at school because that was my first year he got robbed and that was how I got freed from his hold on me. But it took a part of me, I became someone else, someone am still battling to leave. I see him in my husband, I don't know if it's because we are all from same place. I shout and fight at the slightest provocation, am always like nobody is going to take me for a ride again.
Aunty am slowly killing this man, am slowly destroying my home. Please come to my rescue please I beg of you. I want to change, how do I go about it please.

For God so loved the world, not because we were lovely or fair to him, not necessarily because we cared about his feelings and his pains whenever we hurt him but simply because he saw himself in us and he couldn't deny his image in us irrespective of our weaknesses.
This was the love that made God to send his son to die in our place. To release us from the bondage of our iniquities, to restore us to his divine purpose for humanity and to help us grow in our devotion and love for him.
We were miserable and deserved to be punished and crushed but God looked down at us with compassion and chose to come to our rescue.
This man crushed you, he humiliated you, he made you live in perpetual fear and torture of his evil plots. He never meant well for you and it was not because he was robbed that you got free from his wicked plots because the devil doesn't give up on his wicked plots.
It was because grace came to your rescue, it was because mercy embraced you, it was because love forgave you and it was because God took away the pharaoh of your journey at that point in time. If not, your pictures would have been on every corner of the Internet.
I know that you thought that you can win this battle by fighting him but God is saying that you should leave him to fight this battle for you and decide within your heart to forgive him.
Forgive him and choose from the very depth of your heart to release him from your heart. The moment you forgive him, you will be burying his past in your life and you will realise that you are not in the wrong hands.
God has blessed you with a man who will make you whole, complete, full of love, peaceful, and fulfilled in life, please do not allow the devil to use your past to destroy your marriage.
The monster that you met in your village is never alive in your husband and will never find its way into his life.
Go to God in prayers, take your time to meditate on how merciful God has been to you, think of the wicked thoughts and plans that he averted on your behalf and how he has blessed you with a lovely man and an adorable son, and how his grace has kept you, and thank him for who he is and for all he has done in your life and marriage.
Ask God to please give you the grace to forgive that man, and confess openly that today you have forgiving him and have decided within your heart to set him free and allow God to reward him.
When you have done that, thank God for the privilege to forgive and ask him to heal your heart and give you the heart of love to shower love on your husband. Celebrate him, enjoy your company with him, give him sex like never before and apologise to him for all the things that you did to hurt him.
Your husband is not guilty please, he deserves better than being punished for what another man did.
I pray that when you have forgiven your ex, that God will make you whole and give you the virtues and the wisdom to enjoy your marriage. It is well with you and I believe that God is already at work to bring out the very best in you.

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