Saturday, May 7, 2016

The "Friendship" between them is Strong!

I want to do a DNA test on my lovely daughter! I got married to my wife two years ago with 5-month pregnancy. I just found out that a certain man has been sending money to her behind my back to 'buy things for my daughter', and also for her younger brother in school. Further investigations revealed that the same man, who was at my wedding, also gave my wife N50000 for the wedding.

According to her, the man is her friend, but she never mentioned anything about him or the money he gave her, or the ones he has been sending for my daughter and her brother to me, until today that I was asking her some questions after sensing some things.

I'm not concerned whether she had anything with the man, my major concern now is to be sure that the lovely girl she has for me is truly my own, and not this man's child.

What do I do? Is this how men continually send money to their married female friends without any string attached? I need advice please. From all indication, the 'friendship' between them is strong, and she feels she needs the man for assistance until we stabilize, because our income seems not to be meeting all her needs for now.

Please take your daughter alone to the hospital and go for a DNA test. It's very very important that you do that to clear yourself of the doubts and concerns that you have about her commitment and trust in the relationship. 
After confirming the paternity of your daughter, please tell your wife that you will not condone or consider or tolerate any "nice man" sending money to her for any purpose or reason. 
Whatever assistance and help that she feels like getting for you must pass through you, she must be transparent and sincere with you and not for her to go at your backyard and embarrass you in the name of getting money from her friend. 
I understand that things may not be as rosy as she wanted them but that doesn't mean that she should get herself involved in a shady deals with some friends who you don't know nor understand their intention for your marriage. 
You are the leader of your home and should let her know what you can manage and what you cannot accept in your marriage. If she can't respect your decision, then she should go back to him. 
Nobody is discouraging her from seeking ways to support you but she must put you in her picture and try as much as possible not to expose you to the public ridicule, she also needs to be contented with the little that both of you can get today and trust God to prosper your marriage in the future, through an honest means.

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