Wednesday, May 4, 2016

He Receives Visitors in our Matrimonial Room!

Please is it right for my husband to turn our matrimonial room into a guest room? Please ma if it is not right, how do I handle this to put it to a stop because any time we have visitors he will ask me to join my house help and my kids in the children's room.

Hmmmmmmm, sometimes I wonder if some of the men who treat their wives like a trash really have a conscience at all. It's really worrisome and discouraging for your husband to discharge you to the children's room because who came again? A visitor? 
It's entirely wrong for your husband or any partner to welcome his partner in your very own bedroom and family altar. It's just not right and wish I could use another word that will express the pains in my heart. 
If you and your husband is living in one room, the visitor should be welcomed at the gate but no visitor ought to be welcomed in the bedroom no matter how much the visitor is bringing to the table.
Sit him down and talk to him about it, let him know that your matrimonial room is not where you welcome guests, what if your have your undies and some of your personal belongings there, how will he be comfortable exposing your privacy to his guest. 
If his guest is more important than you are in his life and he feels that you should not be around whenever his guest is around, that can be managed but bringing his guest to your bedroom is like stripping you naked in the public, it is totally unacceptable and should not be condoned. 
If crying, pleading or whatever will make him get the message, please explore the option but you must let him understand that your matrimonial room is not a sitting room where guests are received.


  1. Nah wahoooo!
    Is he a man at all or heretro.....
    There should be an explanation to such attitude.
    He would have to choose who will live in the house.
    What rubbish?

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