Wednesday, May 4, 2016

What Do You Suggest I Do?

Good morning ma. Please I need your advice. I just got out of a terrible relationship. I was once a Jehovah's witness but not anymore. My past relationships have all been with witnesses and they've been out to ruin my life with their marriage proposals. Pregnancy and abortions, and am tired of such a life. My parents are aware of it, I told them.
I got excommunicated from the church because of my past relationship.... I took the matter myself to them because I needed help and it was judged the way they wanted. Now I want to start something new with someone different and from another religion, then my dad came up with his problem again.
First my mum started pressuring me to ask him to come meet her, it's not even been up to three months we knew, is that the right thing to do? My dad just started with calling him to back off the relationship. The man is matured and I believe he knows what he wants. I need a father image, that is why I want to go ahead with the relationship. What do you suggest I do? Please

When you say a "father image", what exactly do you have in mind? Well I feel that your parents are pained and annoyed that you excommunicated from the holy temple of Jehovah's witness and is doing everything possible to frustrate your life and make sure that you are not happy with your decision.
To start with, you are old enough to decide how your relationship should be, who to date and who not to date. You are in the best position to decide when family should be involved in your relationship and when you need to set your family aside and focus on understanding your partner and his personality and vision in life. You shouldn't permit anyone else to live their life in your life or push their ideologies and opinions on you.
For now, you may need to give your parents some space, keep his details to yourself and stop sharing any vital information about him with anyone else until you are ready and convinced that he's the one for you.
Please be patient with your parents and understand that they may not be happy with you since you left their place of worship. Let's hope that they will not allow the church to decide whether they should support you to marry the partner of your choice.
Go back to God, seek for forgiveness and ask Him to heal your heart and make you whole so that you can have the peace of mind and the grace to continue in your journey.


  1. He that a father loves, he disciplines. No discipline seems at present to be joyous, but it is painful, yet afterward, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have trained by it.

    Your parents cannot decide for you who to date or to marry. They can only guide you. The choice solely lies on you. The benefits and consequences of your decision is yours for the bearing.

    Next time you set out to date anyone, pls excise some measure of self control, self discipline and restraint (although it may be a little since your sex life is now active) and ask Jehovah for his Holy spirit for not all who call Lord, Lord are truly servants of his. Sorry, you fell into their hands.

    Less I forget, do not allow bitterness or the imperfections of those judges send you far away from your beloved Father Jehovah.

    Take care. Hoping to hear from you soon.

  2. You've said it all, he that a father loves, he disciplines. You shouldn't av brought the matter here, u will be more discouraged. Pls return to Jehovah, he is always there for us. Pls go to to read the brochure given to us at last year regional convention(return to jehovah) and many others. If only I can get ur contact, I would tell u my experience. Pls take good care of urself and always remember that Jehovah loves u

  3. Please aunty/Oga Anonymous please can you just stop with this your singing attitude of returning to Jehovah witness and Jehovah this and that with brochure sharing, just stop abeg. Give me one good reason she should return to the people who ruined her life to the extent of excommunicating a troubled soul instead of guiding her right; who on earth does that? They sit there and allow their untamed brothers destroy innocent lives in the name of convention and evangelism and at the end have nothing reasonable to do to save lives rather they end up excommunicating the victim. It has always been that way with them, my brother in-laws cousin went through hell in the name of being a member of that your so called witness, their men always come through same pattern of getting to know family and as far as performing the first stage of marital right as to have full access of damaging the lives and emotion of innocent gullible sisters who just relax and allow these idiots fool them. Even the said in-law of mine up to today has refused to allow the thick cover covering her eyes to fall of because she refused to get out of that sick congregation and also allow people like you Anonymous" fool and talk her into why she should remain a witness. Arrant talk' My dear poster leave that place without looking back and join a true congregation and not just joining them ,join them and be true to yourself and not for you to go mess up your remaining reputations by sleeping around with brothers in church in the name of proposals that never come to limelight. Try and make your parents see reasons with you and feel free to love whosoever your heart beats for but do that with your brain intact and not by jumping and dancing into every open bed you see and always end up killing innocent souls in the name of abortion. Selah!


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