Monday, May 23, 2016

Is He Cheating on Me?

Good day ma, please accept my condolence on your father's death, God rest his soul. Ma, I want to confide in you as you have been helping others. Am 26 and he is 27. Am in a relationship of just a year old, no sex and the rest. I have grown to love him. He is loving, he can spoil me with lovely romantic messages, gets me gifts, he will always tell me he is planning ahead for us and if there is money now he will come see my dad.
Well presently he is looking for job, finished his NYSC last year. Am also through with school, seeking for job too. Ma, his actions have really made me question my trust for him. One certain time he travelled and on the way his phone got stolen, didn't notify or call me till after five days. And in the quest of the travel he will always mention this particular girl while we talked on phone. I asked him why he didn't call or use phone boots, he gave flimsy excuses, that there was no phone boot around and no friend to use his phone.
Sometimes he will be chatting, if I just cross to get something beside him he will hide his phone screen, he has done that severally. I don't even go through his phone am just scared not to see something that will hurt me. There was a day I went to visit him, I was just looking at his pictures, ma do you know there were some files in the gallery he talked over not to open. The way he talked about those files, you will just know there is something he doesn't want me to see.
Even last week I was seeing his pictures, immediately I got distracted, he smartly took his phone and deleted a picture chat but he never knew I saw him, I just smiled and wished I saw what he deleted. Ma, my question is, is he cheating? Am just confused. Waiting for your response and that of your fans. Thank you ma.

When a partner has something to hide, something that is so sacred that he's not comfortable to reveal to you, there's every possibility that there could be someone else in the picture.
If he has so many excuses not to reach out to you, share his personality with you, communicate with you and make you part of his journey, there's every likelihood that there's someone else who is getting more attention from him.
You have a perfect description of a cheat, and if you feel that you cannot cope with his personality or continue with these glaring evidences, there's no need to pretend or be afraid to ask for clarifications or confront him. And if he's not willing to make amends, then your only option will be to move on with your life and trust God for a partner who will not treat you like a stranger but will share his heart and time with you, without hiding or pretending to be who he's not.

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