Sunday, May 22, 2016

Slept with his Best Friend!

Good morning ma, my girlfriend assisted me in knowing your page and am so much impressed on what I saw on your profiles and wall, so I have decided in sharing my problems with you. Am writing with my sister's in law account who introduced me to your page. Some of what am going to share with you right now, she has no idea of them. Though she has been a good sister to me but I think if I let her know, she will bridge my closeness which I don't want.
There's this very close friend of my husband who has always been there for me. He is married and mature and my husband confide in him before taking decisions, most a times, I got most of what my husband keeps away from my knowledge through him, permit me to use the word '"he has always been there for me". People started saying am dating him but because my husband trusted me, because he knew I was once a lesbian and he was the man that made me a woman, he has never given anyone a listening ear.
The last time I had a problem with my husband, and it happened that he was away for some important reasons, I slept with his best friend in a hotel all through the night and this of a truth is the only man that has slept with me apart from my husband. I mean to say ' I have only slept with two men all my life'. Am 27 years now and my husband stood before me to confess that he knew the woman he married can never cheat on him even if he travels and stays for twenty years, and I felt so guilty for I know I have betrayed his trust for me. I have told this man for us to put a stop to this but he kept begging and telling me he has developed love and will never stop.
To be honest, my husband feels comfortable even he happens to be the only person in our house with me. To cut my long story, his wife has been my best friend, we share things together. I fell so guilty anytime I visit her, her children don't joke with me, but why would this man not let me be? I have also prayed and asked God to forgive me and change his set of mind, but he is proving stubborn . The worst is that he calls me to tell me how he fells, when bathing, eating, almost everything he does.
Please ma help me, am so confused because he is planning another way for us to have sex again. I love his family, his wife is my love... Truly speaking we share same wears anytime I visit her home. ... I hate doing this with him again... Please no insult from the ground. Am really crying.........................

The painful part of your mail is that you have no idea what you are playing with. You have no idea what the devil is doing with your life and how the devil is manipulating you into destroying your very own marriage. 
If your husband should find out what you are doing with his own best friend, you will find your properties, and yourself thrown out of his life, while his fiend will continue with his marriage. 
It's good to be remorseful but it's not enough, you need to wake up and fly, flee and disappear from this hopeless disaster you are cooking up against yourself in your marriage. 
Please quit communicating with him, and discourage your husband from confiding in him if you can do that. Go back home and stop eating the poison of destruction. Help yourself now that you still have the opportunity to do so and please don't relax and think that he will understand your explanations. 
The very moment you made him see your private part, you lost anything called virtue, respect and fidelity in his sight so he will always claim to "love" you as long as you are willing to open your legs in addition to that of his wife. 
Please save yourself from an impeding danger, if destroying your current contact details, if blocking his number, if quitting every form of communication with his wife, children and family, will help you return back to your vows, kindly consider that and do not give a room for the devil to finish you. 
Finally, seek the face of God for genuine repentance and mercies from God above. You need to understand that you made a vow to God, to keep your body solely for your husband and never to share your body with anyone else no matter how close, or the purpose thereof. 
I pray that God will forgive you and give you the grace not to destroy your marriage.

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  1. Yes you are remorseful but it's not enough like aunty said flee and stop any possible form of communication. Don't be fooled by his confession of love that guy is out to destroy you and your home through lust. God will help you but the major role is with you.


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