Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Is He Suffering from any Sickness?

Good day ma, please advice me on these:
First: I am a civil servant that works in Imo State, before I got married, my husband lives at Abuja and a business man. I was sacked and reinstated after a year of my wedding, I accepted the job back due to my Hubby's financial state then was bad. Two years after my reinstatement, my hubby now wants me to quit my job, we have had this misunderstanding for a long time now. So he said he will pay for a shop for me by February 2017 that if I want to work, I should look for a small job here in Abuja and do it for six months, please ma I don't know what to do.
Secondly : After I have given birth to three kids, I don't see my Hubby's sperm, I mean after sex whenever I visit, I don't know how to say it to him so that he will not feel somehow. Ma is my hubby suffering from a sickness?
Thirdly : Please ma how do I stop my hubby from smoking weed, note I have been praying for him and throwing away any weed I see in the house. Thanks and God bless you more ma. Your candid advice will be practiced.

It's really not so great when you and your husband live far from each other, it can give room for all manner or sorts of issues, infidelity and some attitudinal changes that might have a negative influence on your marriage. 
I suggest that you and your husband should sit down, weigh your financial capacity and financial plan for your family and compare it with your basic needs as a family especially in the current economic climate, so that both of you can decide on the best way to resolve this impasse and provide the basic needs of your family. 
If your husband has the capacity currently to provide for you, your children and his own needs irrespective of whatever becomes the outcome of the business he hopes to open for you, and you have weighed it with own resources and responsibilities and discovered that you may not be able to make such a huge sacrifices for your family if he should relocate, kindly consider his suggestion and work towards bridging the gap between you and your husband. 
Your financial capacity should be the determining factor of what you should consider and what he should accommodate. It's great to live in cities and impress the villagers but it's noble to consider your finances and make projections using your financial capacity to avoid taking any decision that will negatively affect your children in the end. 
Though you didn't indicate his age, the rate of sperm production reduces as men ages and men who smoke Indian hemp or nicotine may have a difficulty producing sperm because the weed have a retrogressive effect on the penis and it makes the man not to produce so much sperm as he did without those weed. 
This is why it's not healthy and advisable for any man to consume such harmful substances in their body. So just so you know, what he's smoking contributes to his quality of sperm and his performance during sexual intercourse. 
Also when a man is sexually active or masturbates, there is a tendency that he will ejaculate more sperm and at the same time produce less sperm which might be what you observe.
Addiction may be difficult to break but not impossible, if you are living with him, I believe that his rate of consuming those weed will be minimised and with your support and encouragement, maybe he will improve if he's willing to give up such a lifestyle. 
He might need counselling in addition to prayers, so that he can have an accountability partner and someone who will help him to daily overcome his weakness for smoking.
So sort what's workable so that you can reunite with your husband and work together with him. If you can afford to rent a good apartment and help him relocate his business, kindly suggest that to him and encourage him to come home so that both of you can be close enough for your children and each other.

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