Monday, May 16, 2016

Is it Right to Reject Man of God's Proposal?

Hi Amara, I need some advice. There's a certain pastor who sent me a friend request some time back. So from time to time he tried chatting with me. But I would not engage in a chat with him because I was dating then and I am not one that entertains chatting with the opposite sex. I also noticed he had some interest so I made him know that I was dating. But from time to time he would text and would even use such terms as "baby" to address me but I warned him that I wasn't okay with him addressing me like that.
When the relationship ended with my boyfriend, he was one of the persons I asked for advice concerning relationship issues because I consider him a pastor. He didn't really say anything, he seemed to be okay with the issues I had rather than give proper guidance. Now four months after my break up he texted yesterday saying he wants to marry me that he's loved me all this while. I told him I don't feel the same way for him, and I don't have the conviction or peace to settle with him and also I am not available right now to date anyone. But he kept forcing and saying I will regret if I don't marry him that he's a man of God and he knows what he's doing. And that I will marry him whether I like it or not.
Amara I have never met him before, I don't feel peace about it, neither do I have the convictions that this is the right person for me. Also I just went through a break up a few months ago. But his words really caught me that I will regret, that he's a man of God. . .What's the right way to deal with this person because I don't love him in that way, and I don't see us together. Is it right to reject he's proposal as a man of God? I wouldn't want to say yes to someone just because they are a Man of God or because I am afraid of regretting like he said.

Sincerely you don't need to listen to anyone who claims to be a man of God. You don't need to pay attention to any man who calls himself a man of God because marriage is not meant for pastor and a slave, worker and a house help, general overseer and a village girl. Marriage is not for title holders or for those who feel that they can bully anyone with who they're not. 
Marriage is between a man and a woman who is convinced and comfortable with his personality, and his purpose in life. Anyone who bullies you with his title or riches or his possession is from the pit of hell and has nothing to offer to you. And you will really regret it if you should reduce yourself to this scammer who claims to be a man of God. 
Please if you can, delete him from your life and block him out of your life. He's only acting his scripts and plotting to take advantage of your circumstances to destroy your life and destiny. 
Do you know how many ladies he has threatened with that? Do you have any idea how many of such ladies he has abused? Do you know anything about him apart from all that he has written about himself? 
Please do not panic or worry about him because he's really not anything close to having a personal relationship with God, let alone being a man of God. 
Take your time, pray and reflect on your journey and allow God to send you a man who will be a blessing to you in all areas of your life 


  1. Block the stupid man,he wants you for rituals

  2. There are things we hear sometimes,and we feel like giving out slaps. Dear,you mean in this day and age,with all the truths and wisdom God in His infinite mercies,has made available to us,someone could move you with such lies as threats? What does this say about your preparedness for marriage,motherhood and life,itself? If I were you,I would utilize this opportunity and equip myself so well that no devil can shake me again. Bend down and is for your own good.
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  3. my sister forget him,just like anty Amara said he is a scam,....beware of all this fake pastors, my sister was avictim of one of them, but today they are divorced, run for ur life, my sisters own pastor wanted to kill her

  4. If he is a man of God, are you not a woman of God? I thought this strategy had faded with the 20th century, obviously wolves in sheep's clothing still use it to torment dare I say 'baby christians'.
    I went through this as a 19 year old lady and saw hell. Not one ooo, but 3 'men of God' with the intent of making me marry someone against my wish. This strong battle drove me to God, I searched the scriptures and realised I was a an heir of God's kingdom and that no one person has the monopoly of hearing from God.
    My sister, if that man knows christ he does not need to threaten you with a title, by his words, deeds and action you yourself will exclaim'this man knows christ'.
    Do not be easily swayed by every form of doctrine... Let no one despise thy youth... Be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of God is... For we are partakers of his divine nature. Na bible talk all these ooo! Search the scriptures!


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