Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mum is Against my Choice of Partner!

Good morning auntie Amara. May God bless you and your team for your wonderful and great job you're doing. I have been following your advice to people, it's so wonderful

I have a little problem and I need some advice from you and your members.
There's this girl I'm so much interested in and as I'm looking at things now, I'll marry her by God grace because with God all things are possible.
But my problem is my mother and siblings (why do women hate their fellow women?). My mom said she I'll not be alive and allow me marry her, my sister either no one. I asked my mom what was the problem with the girl, only for my mom to tell me that she investigated about her, that she's lazy and she talks too much like a parrot.
I told my mom, 'this is not an excuse not to marry her', also told my mother that she only needs some encouragement. Aunty, do you know that I sent this girl gifts and money and when my sister found out about the gift both laptop, she got upset and told me to stop doing anything for her and I won't marry her all this just because of my past relationship.
But nothing will stop me from marrying her, I don't need any prophet to prophesy.

I so much love your mail, it sounds like you met Queen Elizabeth the fourth and I can only imagine how much you love her and can't get enough of her. 
It's the excitement phase of relationship and everyone at one point in his or her life felt the same vibe. 
All I will suggest is that you spend some time to understand your partner, her character, her passion, her personal relationship with God, her virtues and her weaknesses and weigh them with what you can accommodate, tolerate, understand and sacrifice for both of you to get married to each other. 
Don't let your excitement make you forget that she's a human and will have some weaknesses so don't be in a haste but grow in love with her so that both of you can enjoy your marriage in life. 
As for the opinions of your mother and your sisters, kindly ignore them and instead tell her the qualities and the virtues that attracted you to her and why you cannot marry any other lady except her. Let her know that no human is perfect and her perceived weaknesses is not enough to condemn her and discard her. 
Be patient with your mother and continue to remind her that you have found the love of your life. She will have no option but to encourage you and support your relationship. 
Avoid telling anyone what you do for your partner and try as much as you can to limit bringing her close to your family to avoid infuriating or making your sisters feel bad. 
Put everything to God in prayers and ask God to reveal all that you need to know about your partner so that both of you can work on her weaknesses and help her become a better lady.
Indeed you don't need any prophet to prophesy, your convictions and your prayers is more important than prophesies from any prophet.


  1. Young man that's a sad one,but in all we do God should be first have you seek the face of God about it.if yes let me know I will give you a powerful advice.

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    1. Dear katy Brown, it is so evil of you to post this here and to entice people to evil. The bible said "a wicked person entices his neighbor and leads him in a way that is not right". This is exactly what you are doing. The bible calls you a wicked person. You better repent before the judgement of God falls on you. The bible also says that "what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul, what can a man give in an exchange for his soul". One day in hell will wipe out all the enjoyment or money you think you had on earth. Please desist from your evil ways and stop enticing people to do evil. What you are actually doing is suggesting to them to go to the devil for solution to their problem. The bible said "shouldn't a man seek unto his God, while go to witches that murmur and mutter? Be very careful, for these are souls Christ died for. Why do you hate God(Christ) this much and what is your ultimate goal for doing this? I have handed you over to God for judgement until you repent of your evil ways.

    2. Dear Katy Brown,

      You really and desperately NEED Jesus. I encourage you to try Him, to come to Him and find real fulfillment. May God help you as you do so.


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