Monday, May 23, 2016

My Husband Beat me Blue and Black!

Good afternoon ma, may God bless you for your good work. Please am having a serious issue now and it's gradually killing me. I stay in a family house with my hubby, I love the family despite everything. Am nine months gone soon to deliver, now the issue is this.
Since I came, I have noticed my hubby will be in her sister's room till 2am. I never called it anything since December till yesterday. My hubby beat me blue and black because I told him am suspecting them. He beats me to the point that I nearly fainted until they came and he started shouting that I accused him of sleeping with the sister. Everybody was quiet looking at me.
He started beating me the second time until his (*perhaps sister) told him to stop unless he wants kill me. Am now a black sheep in his family. This is a man who was supposed to protect me. I have asked them for forgiveness but I don't love him again. I have not eaten since last night, all my body is aching me. Please ma what do I do now please? God bless you.

First thing you should do is to eat something, prepare yourself and go for an antenatal care and scan to examine your body and your baby to know his health condition and the impact of the beating on your baby. 
Please do not toil with your health nor compromise on the quality of health care for yourself and your baby, please make sure that you take something because your life is the most important asset in your marriage. 
I have no idea what you were thinking when you made such a very sensitive comment without first conducting an investigations to know if your husband was indeed sleeping with his sister. You should have presented your suspicion with evidence so that the young, old, blind and deaf can relate with your confession and understand your concern.
What if your husband was sleeping with his sister as a result of space constraint, or because of your pregnancy or because of your sleeping position or because of your children, will it be fair to accuse him of having sex with his sister? 
I feel that you should have approached this with more maturity and wisdom to avoid this kind of horrible besting. To help you, kindly locate somewhere else where you can stay and have peace of mind and move to the location, perhaps your father's house, or your siblings' house so that you can relax and plan the arrival of your baby. 
You shouldn't give room for abuse and physical violence but please do not use your tongue to invite pains and torture in your marriage. 
After delivery, you and your husband must discuss concerning your accommodation so as to avoid suspicions and discomforts as this. And he must be cautioned against physical violence no matter the provocation if he wish to continue with you, because no matter the provocation, physical abuse is never an option to resolving marital issues, misunderstandings and differences.

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