Friday, May 13, 2016

My Husband is Building a House for his Girlfriend!

I'm a lady aged 36 and I have two kids. Six years ago I discovered my husband was having an affair with a lady and had a child, I talked to him no change until I went on to tell his relatives who sat us down but still there was no change. I then followed the lady to where she live but nothing changed.
Three years down the line another child was born. Now the other child is four months. I have tried all I could but no change, all his family knew about it and they welcome that lady whenever they visit with hubby, and when I complained to them, they said there is nothing they can do because hubby says he has decided and that's how it will be.
We live in our house which we built and hubby has started building a house for his other woman saying it's his children's inheritance. I asked him what he wants, his answer was he still wants me but still goes to his other woman and the spends time together as a family, they are seen in malls, church, as a family. Please I need advice mature advice

Well the man has made his statement from his body language. He's married to two women and he's cool with it. If you feel that you cannot tolerate such from him, you can either separate from him or consider walking away from the marriage.
It would have been a case of cheating if it was just a one night affair but when a lady gave birth to two children and he felt like giving them his inheritance, he's indirectly saying that he's married to both of you.
It's up to you to decide whether you are comfortable and willing to accept his terms and conditions of your marriage, if not, then you may wish to reconsider the marriage and decide what's best for you.


  1. this is very very painful,GOD please i beg you,may this not happen to me in JESUS name.Amen
    madam i feel your pain, may God give u the heart to bear it all, and the grace to carry on,Amen

  2. Am not yet married but i know marriage is for better for worst, if he is still doing his duties as husband and father to you and your children then you can stay and pray for God to assist you and remain a wife that is, do your duties as a wife and pretent nothing is happening for the sake of your children. May God see you through

  3. Hmmm, truth is that there is nothing like pretence here, no matter how she tries to fight the feeling it will keep hurting her, it will only take time i.e if she decides to accept her fate for her to get used to it, just zero urmind on it ma

  4. You have to stay in the marriage ooo. And take charge of your home. If you leave, nothing for you and your kids. I would have said on your knees you rule. But it has lingered so much that the man may have married the other woman traditionally making her his wife nne ndidi ka iga eji. Face your kids and the further.


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