Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Not Happy when we Part Ways on Sundays!

Hello aunty Amara. Please accept my condolence. I need your advice.
I was a very strong member of one of the Orthodox churches. My husband is also from my church. As a single lady, I used to get confused on what to do whenever am faced with challenges. I used to visit prayer houses outside my church for solutions. Even when I got married, my husband and I used to do the same thing. Moreover, in spite of my 'faith' , I still battled with many weaknesses.
When we installed cable network, I started watching other men of God preach. I heard them saying things like; giving your life to Christ, going to a Bible believing(living) church. I was eager to experience what they were preaching. I then started praying that God will reveal one of these churches to me.
Recently, I went to a church that a friend introduced me to. Aunty Amy, the preaching there was different. I don't feel like coming out again. It's like heaven on earth.
The problem now is that my husband is not happy about it. Though he doesn't want to stop me but I know he's holding some resentment. I feel am no longer being submissive .What will I do?
Should I continue following him to church for going sake? Am not happy when we part ways on Sundays. We still pray together. Some kids follow me and some follow my husband.

Let's get the facts right, the word of God activated in the life of an individual is what transforms an individual and makes him become like the image of God's glory. 
What you are experiencing is the excitement of receiving the light, the truth, the glory of what God's word can do in your life. At this stage of your marriage and spiritual journey, it would be wise for you to thread with caution and wisdom when it comes to balancing your spiritual growth with your husband's maturity on this. 
What I will encourage you to invest in is in God's word, exposition, teaching, sermons and the commentary of the Bible. There are so many expository books that you can buy and study to help you understand the word of God better and at the same time sow the word in your marriage and family. 
As the wife and the home maker, always seek the approval and the support of your husband before attending any programme in the church and if possible (I suggest) go to church with your husband and focus more on the word of God than the place of worship. You can attend the Bible study and other expository Bible teachings in the new church. 
The place of worship doesn't limit the word of God, our perception is actually what does. Continue with your journey but do not allow that to destroy your marriage and make your husband feel inferior or cold by your desire to grow in your personal relationship with God. 
The fruits, your attitude, your manner of approach, your choice of words, your confessions, your prayers and your convictions will definitely make your husband desire to worship where both of you can be transformed by the word of God. 
There's no place where you will never encounter the word of God, what you must do is to have an open mind, a willing heart and an obedient heart that will receive the truth and let her life reflect the beauty of God's word. 

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  1. Aunty Amara thanks for this vivid advice. This is the inspiring article I've read today.


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