Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Not Comfortable with my Eyes!

Hello ma'am, accept my condolences on the death of your Dad. There’s something that has been bothering me for a very long time now. I am a lady in my late 20's but am squint eyed. While growing up, it really dealt on my self-esteem that I used to wonder if anyone would ever find me attractive to marry. I started asking questions and made researches on how to correct it but all I got was as long as it doesn’t ache and I could see clearly with it, I should just learn to live with it and that a corrective surgery could work but the chance is 50% so I decided to learn to live with it instead.
I discovered I could manage it in a way that it appears okay (if you check my pictures) but when I do that I won’t be able to see clearly and after some time it starts aching me. I once decided to stop controlling it but I always felt embarrassed when I talked to people and they're like “are you talking to me?” and looks at their sides, which leaves me dejected. So ma'am, don't know how to handle this, I thought I had gotten over the complex. Please advise. Thank you very much.

Why are you worried over what God has made perfect? Why are you limiting yourself by your own perception of your identity? Why let others define you and dictate your joy and peace of mind when you can choose to be happy and grateful.
No matter how your eyes might look, as long as you can clearly see with it, identify an object, differentiate between light and darkness, you are as beautiful and as lovely as God made you.
If your vital organs are working effectively and efficiently, why live as though you are scared to be you?
The greatest limitation in life is never the perception of others but the self limitation you impose on yourself by your thoughts, imaginations, and perceptions.
Who told you that a good eyes is a straight eyes? Who told you that with your eyes you cannot meet your husband? Who told you that your eyes is faulty? And even if someone told you all those rubbish, why not confirm from God's word?
There are millions of squint eyed ladies all over the universe who are happily married and have lovely children, so I am trying to understand what made you feel that God will not give you your own husband.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes and I will not encourage you to continue stressing your eyes by trying to make it look like they are not, because you will be stressing the veins which is why you experience pains whenever you do that.
Let the world fall in love with you, don't fix anything, don't change anything, don't pretend to be who you are not and try to compare your eyes with that of anyone else. What's most important is that you can see, every other thing is secondary.
Because of your unbelief, I pray that God will prove himself in your life by giving you a husband that you thought he couldn't bless you with.


  1. If you are worried about getting a husband, do not be, look on the brighter side, you will be saved from heartache, as only a man genuinely in love with you will come to you. Ur eyes don't even prevent you from living normally. Think about the physically disabled. I got challenged in my twenties, but it didn't stop me, God blessed me with the best husband ever. Look up to your maker, he alone decides your fate

  2. Well, my cousin is squint eyed and happily married. I am not squint eyed and I am happily single. Don't worry about the eyes. It won't matter when The One finds you because you will be the apple of his eyes. Lol. You should accept how you are and learn to laugh at yourself. When they say 'are you talking to me? Turn it to something humorous like playfully saying 'No. I am talking to your twin.' You are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are not blind. You are not disabled. You are not......etc. Stand tall and flaunt your eyes, squints and all.


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