Monday, May 2, 2016

Sex is Painful with Him!

Good afternoon sis Amara, I really need your advice, I got married last year,but we've been together since 2011, let me go straight to my problem.
I don't enjoy my sex life at all, my husband is not romantic at all, sex is always painful because anytime he wants to have sex with me, he just jumps on me and penetrate which is always painful.
Have explained to him several times but he's still this same man, please don't know what to do, because of this I've started denying him of sex, and he's really angry, but he doesn't understand my situation, having sex with him is a punishment, please I don't want my marriage to crash.

If he's willing to work with you, please encourage him to write to me here as soon as possible so that I can have a word or two with him and help him understand your plight whenever you have sexual intimacy with him. 
What some men don't know is that the sight of an erect penis doesn't make a woman get wet as the sight of a lovely breast and sweet vagina arouses men. 
He needs the basic tutorials on how to spend quality time romancing the mind, the body and the soul of a lady. How to suckle, kiss and lick the erogenous zones of a lady and make her feel loved, relaxed and emotionally and psychologically prepared for digging deep exploration. 
Women enjoy sex more when men don't rush inside the vagina because it helps the hormones to produce enough wetness which will make sexual intimacy not painful and miserable for her or may her push men off their body. 
I would have given you a quick fix but it will only make him to oppress you during sex and not help you enjoy the rhythm and beauty of sex. 
So please encourage him, and plead with him to talk to me here let's hope that he will understand your plight and make amends in his approach to sex and sexual intercourse. 


  1. If he doesn't want to change, you can improvise by buying vaginal lubricant and enjoy the ride.

    1. Is not all about the lubricant


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