Monday, May 2, 2016

I've Seen Hell with Him!

Dear Amara, good job you're doing ma, God bless you forever. I'm married to a wife beater, emotional abuser, tell tale, good outside demon inside kind of man. I have three kids within five years and Amara I've seen HELL from siblings beating me up to diabolical things to kill me and my babies.
With tears in my eyes and grief in my soul, please help me, Amara I want to leave with my kids. Please help me.

Make an official complaint to the Welfare and explain in details all you have experienced in your marriage and in the hands of your husband. 
After lodging an official complaint, discuss with your family and pack your things and your children's needs and return back home until your family and his family have come together to discuss the future of your marriage with him. 
You don't need any advice to run for your life and fight against any beast that want to destroy your life or harm your children. You just need to gather all your evidence, report to the appropriate quarters and sue for the custody of your children given the evidences of torture and abuse that you have suffered in his hands. 

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