Monday, May 2, 2016

Write Your Book

We are all like a book/document in different forms.  Some are closed and wouldnt give anything away while others are open and ready to be read by all.

I have come in contact with people, especially Africans, who believe I shouldn't discuss my life and circumstances. My question often is: What if someone somewhere is waiting to be blessed by my testimony? If we all should hide and keep our lives closed, where are we going to get inspiration from? If you have a story, tell it to the world; someone is waiting to be inspired by you.

A book is also identified by the title and generates different feeling. What is the title of your life? Your friend may have his title as " A man loved by all", yours could be "The account of an insignificant man". While your classmate has hers as "Too many suitors", yours could be "Old and never married".

Every book has chapters, each representing a stage in the person's life from birth to present.  No matter how long or short a person's life, there are many chapters. My chapters will always be different from your chapters. While i may not have death as a chapter, you have it as several chapters. Another person may not have divorce as a chapter, but has childlessness. Another may not have a chapter on poverty, but has a chapter on abuse and rejection. What chapter of your life are you in at the moment?

When we are first presented with a book or document, we first examine the cover. It could be a paperback or a leather-bound book with title engraved in gold lettering. Both may have the same contents yet there is come thing intrinsically different about them indicating worth.

I am sure you would love your life to be an open book. I am sure you would love to have the title, " The man who overcame" or " The woman who rules". I am sure you would love your title to be gold-lettered. I am sure you would love to have several chapters and not just a few chapters. I am sure you would love to have the contents heavy.

Now hear this: if you want it positive, you must make it positive. So many chapters means your ability to endure pain, hardship, and rejection, while hoping that someday, all shall be well. If you want it written in gold, you must live for your generation and not just for you. If you want it to be an open book and a biography that would eventually become a best seller, you must have to start now. God bless you and see you up there.

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