Sunday, May 1, 2016

Should I Marry a Man Waiting on God?

Good day ma, ma the issue is, I have someone who I have dated for three years now and we were planning on getting married but the thing is, he got nothing doing as per job with the excuse of waiting on God to tell him what he wants him to do.
Am not against it but I just feel he should get something to do for a while before his prayers are answered so I decided to leave the relationship because we were always quarreling whenever I talked about this. My question is do you think I did the right thing? Thanks, expecting your reply.

Marriage is not meant for anyone who is still waiting on God to tell him what to do, or someone who is yet to discover his path and purpose in life.
The reason so simple, partners who desire to spend the rest of their life together must have an understanding of their individual vision and the mutual vision for marriage to avoid unnecessary struggles and competition in their home.
If for example, God directs him to become a missionary while the wife has a desire to be a career woman, and both of them are unable to merge the their visions or make adequate accommodation and provisions to contain the vision of the husband and the wife, the couple may end up having a cold war in their home.
Secondly, marriage is not for anyone who is financially and mentally not prepared for the responsibilities that comes with getting married. What God advocated was that the man shall leave his father and mother. This is not by finding a lady who loves the man and desires to marry her, but you leave your father and mother when you can feed yourself and your wife, provide roof for yourself and your wife, protect yourself and your wife and clothe yourself and your wife.
This and many more are the symbolism of leaving your father and mother and until a man have the capacity to leave his parents, he may not be able to cleave completely to his wife and may end up depending on others to build his home which maybe challenging with time.
And anyone who uses the name of God as an excuse for lack of planning, purposeful living and honest means of livelihood is almost a lazy individual who shouldn't consider getting married as an escape route because after wedding comes children who won't understand that he's waiting on God to tell him what to do when they're hungry, sick or in need of a shelter, security and clothing.
So I feel that you took the right decision because marriage is not for those who wish to be married but for those who are mentally prepared for life challenges and the realities of meeting the needs of each other without disturbing your family or relatives or depending on them for survival.

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