Friday, May 27, 2016

What do I do to Earn His Trust?

Good day ma, something has been bordering me for past two years now, after my wedding, for four years I could not get pregnant I was so down because of rejection from my own immediate family and my marital family, but my hubby never chased me away. Two years back I came in contact with my then school mate (male) who after all said and done we made love and I became pregnant.
My hubby was so happy, immediately I cut off my affair with my school mate though he doesn't know I was pregnant, now I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl. Since then my conscience have been beating me up, please how do I relax and free my mind. Please help me, I feel guilty everyday and my hubby is now asking for another child while I know he isn't the one that got me pregnant.
Another one is, when my hubby was having a financial problem, his shop got burnt and we had nothing then, we tried our best all to no avail, my manager decided to give us money if I have sex with him, I agreed.
Note: It was not easy for me and I felt I have nothing left in my life again so I went and slept with my manager, he gave me N500,000, I gave it to my hubby and he started up something with it.
My problem is, my hubby found out how I got the money, since that day he doesn't trust me again. He now sing it as a song in the house, please ma I know I sinned against God and man but in me I have totally repented to the extent of quitting my job. How do I make my hubby trust me again? Please brethren help me with any idea. You can nail me at the cross, I deserve more than that, but believe me I did all these because I love my hubby.
Thanks and may God continue to give you solutions to our marital problems, Amen.

He who the son of man has set free is free indeed. Really,  what you are carrying in your heart has the potential to send you back to your home and at the same time expose your husband as an impotent man who cannot impregnate a lady. Both ways, it's disastrous and I can't tell how this will play out but I have some suggestion for you. 
Please seek the face of God and plead for forgiveness and divine healing of your heart and soul. Continue to meditate on the word of God and grow in your spiritual life, allow the Holy spirit to guide you on this issue and to tell you what to do. 
If He instructs you to confess, please go ahead and confess to your husband and be prepared for anything that might come with it. 
I won't pretend that this will be easy and rosy for you but if this will be your own way to be redeemed and be restored, I'm certain that God will make a way for you and give you the peace and the grace to be strong in your decision. 
If you wish to earn the trust of your husband, confessing to him about the identity of your children will do the direct opposite of it. So if after seeking the face of God, praying and fasting and you still do not have the inner peace and forgiveness, please don't border working hard to earn his trust, confess and allow him to decide whether you are good enough for him or he's done with the marriage. 
As for the difficulties in conceiving, a sperm analysis will tell if he has a healthy sperm or a low sperm count or an immotile sperm. 
If he has a healthy sperm count, it's possible that your children might be his but only a DNA test can accurately verify who's children they are. 
Again, if you wish that your marriage will stand, please avoid all the loopholes and the strange lifestyle and accidental decisions you made in the past and learn to work with your husband and trust God even when things might be difficult or horrible for your marriage. 
Please seek the face of God, he's the only one who can tell you in specific terms what to do but I can assure you is that if you have repented of your sins, you have been forgiven by God. What I can't tell you is the consequences of your actions and the likely effect on your marriage and your future. 
His grace is sufficient for you even in difficult circumstances in your marriage.

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  1. For a married woman you have no problem opening your legs to any man that wants to go in.


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